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React Native CI/CD Setup

React Native CI/CD Setup

You've heard it all before, not just about react-native but app development in general, the moment one take advantage of CI/CD in any setting a lot of things begin to change, developers begin to build and deploy applications with ease and confidence as every bit of the development process which involves testing, building and deploying now has a good level of automation. CI/CD can be very useful in the react-native setting and in my talk I aim to show a basic setup of CI/CD in a react native project as well as outline what developers stand to enjoy using it in their project.


Oluwatobi Shokunbi 🇳🇬

October 01, 2020


  1. React Native CI/CD Setup By Oluwatobi Shokunbi

  2. About Me Software Engineer Founder of React Native Nigeria Community


    project (npx react-native init AwesomeProject) - Work on your project for both iOS and Android - Build release versions of your applications - Submit to the app/play store - Most likely get an app rejection from apple store - Fix the issue you get with the app store - Most likely get a second rejections - Fix the app bug - Finally get all apps accepted by both stores.
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  5. A different approach. App Center

  6. Start a new project. Run; npx react-native init cicdSetup

  7. Create & push code to Github repo

  8. Push code by running; - git init - git commit

    -m “first commit ” - git remote add origin *repo url* - git push -u origin master
  9. Setting up our project on app Center Visit => appcenter.ms

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  11. Navigate to build

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  18. For Android Builds

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  22. Why is this good? - A better workflow - Developers

    can focus on just writing code
  23. CodePush

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  26. Review: what did we do?

  27. Thanks For Listening.