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React Native To Infinity And Beyond.

React Native To Infinity And Beyond.

React Native To Infinity And Beyond Talk at React Native Bangalore Meetup

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  1. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND. React Native RNBLR Meetup 2020 #

  2. OLUWATOBI SHOKUNBI Software Engineer. Founder/Organizer React Native Nigeria Community. connect

    on @just1and0 RNBLR Meetup 2020 #

    it all start? How did we get here? what are we talking about? REACT NATIVE TO INFINITY AND BEYOND
  4. WHAT'S NEW? 01. A Huge Community 02. Better Tools 03.

    Learn Once, Run Everywhere. RNBLR Meetup 2020 # 04. Hugh Demand In the Market
  5. HUGE COMMUNITY . it's bigger, stronger and better than ever

    before... In the early release year of react native, it was clear a lot of developers had second thoughts on why to dive into this new library or framework or whatnot. React Native was way in over it’s head, trying to redefine the way we build mobile applications, write once, build everywhere mentality! But today react native can boast of alot of things , not only and one of which is a really Huge Community! RNBLR Meetup 2020 #
  6. To infinity and beyond. ReactNative RNBLR Meetup BETTER TOOLS. If

    there’s one thing that make any framework or library easy to use are tools created specifically for it! and react native is not one to be loosing in this round, a lot of really cool tools/packages exist which make react native so easy to use. Some even help do tedious work as slicing and packages and application from UI components to even writing the code for you now exist. Tools to help with testing, debugging, upgrading your project. As of now the tools created specifically for react native is endless!!Some of which are , Bits for react Native, React Native debugger , React devtools and React App Builder.
  7. SOME TOOLS TO CHECKOUT! Expo With Expo tools, services, and

    React, you can build, deploy, and quickly iterate on native Android, iOS, and web apps from the same JavaScript codebase. builderX BuilderX is a browser based design tool that codes React Native & React for you RNBLR Meetup
  8. LEARN ONCE RUN EVERYWHERE. One of the main reasons for

    React Native’s growing popularity is that it supports development for both Android and iOS. But as of date, react-native handles much more than Android and iOS development. But remember we're in 2020! and react Native does so much more now! RNBLR Meetup
  9. RNBLR Meetup

  10. HUGH DEMAND IN THE MARKET React Native as technology is

    starting to mature, We tend to see more applications use it on the app store. As not only small scale business but large companies begin to use it in production, a lot of companies around the world has began to use React Native to deliver professional apps. RNBLR Meetup
  11. None
  12. RN To infinity and beyond. RNBLR Meetup

  13. To infinity and beyond. RN Conclusion It’s been 5years since

    the official release of react native and looking back it’s insane to see it reach this level of growth, The awesome things it currently handles in day-to-day development! Popularity of this framework will definitely grow. It's still supported by Facebook and this one factor will be responsible for steady growth. Also, users' problems and community suggestions are quickly addressed. Solutions come regularly as parts of next releases. RNBLR Meetup
  14. Thanks You! connect on @just1and0 RNBLR Meetup