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Introduction to Firestore

Introduction to Firestore

It is my presentation slide on English Night 15.


Kenichi Kambara

May 13, 2022

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  1. 2022.05.13 Kenichi Kambara (@korodroid) Introduction to Firestore English Night #15

  2. About me •Mobile App Development •[Of fi cial] Evangelist at

    NTT TechnoCross •[Private] iplatform.org •Traveling (Been to 40 countries) / Running Kenichi Kambara (@korodroid) 
  3.  Cloud Firestore (One feature of Firebase) Frontend Backend NoSQL

  4.  3 Important points of Firestore 1. Data Structure 2.

    Security Rules 
 3. Useful Tips for Development 

  5.  1. Data Structure Frontend Backend

  6.  Firestore Keywords 3. collection 2. document 1. data ->multiple

    ToDo data ->one ToDo data ->each column of ToDo data
  7.  Data Structure Examples collection document User [n] ToDo data

  8.  2. Security Rules Access Control for Firestore


  10.  3. Useful Tips for Development •Cloudʢfor Staging/Productionʣ 

  11.  3. Useful Tips for Development •CloudʢStaging/Productionʣ 
 •Localʢfor Developmentʣ

  12.  LocalɿFirebase Local Emulator Suite ref.ɿFirebase Of fi cial Website

  13.  How to set up 1. Install Firebase CLI %curl

    -sL firebase.tools | bash 
 2. Initialize a project as a Firebase Project %firebase init 3. Launch Firebase Emulator %firebase emulators:start ref.ɿFirebase Of fi cial Website
  14.  Screenshot of Firebase Authentication

  15.  Screenshot of Firestore

  16.  Bene fi ts of Local Development •Can be developed

    without minding other developers •Easy to debug •Can be used without worrying about the cost
  17.  Please let me know if you have any requests

 such as technical speeches, technical writings and so on. Facebook:http://fb.com/kanbara.kenichi Twitter:@korodroid LinkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/in/korodroid Thank you so much