Take your Azure Functions to the next level with Durable Functions @ SDN 2019

Take your Azure Functions to the next level with Durable Functions @ SDN 2019

My slides for the presentation I gave during the Software Development Network event on April 12, 2019, in Zeist.

The source code is available at GitHub: https://github.com/marcduiker/demos-azure-durable-functions


Marc Duiker

April 12, 2019


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    @marcduiker Durable Functions • Visual Studio 2017 15.7+ • Azure

    Workload • Extension: Azure Functions & Web Jobs Tools • Azure Storage Emulator • Nuget packages • Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Functions (1.0.26) • Microsoft.Azure.Webjobs.Extensions.DurableTask (1.8.0) Local development with VS2017/2019
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    @marcduiker Durable Functions Demo: Function Chaining Find a Star Wars

    character and return it’s: - Full name - Home planet - Species name - Species home planet. https://swapi.co/
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    @marcduiker Durable Functions • In and output of functions should

    be serializable. • Orchestration Functions should be deterministic. Don’t use: - DateTime.Now, use CurrentUtcDateTime - Guid.NewGuid() - Random generated data Closing remarks I
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    @marcduiker Durable Functions • Orchestrator Functions can only call Activity

    Functions in the same Function App. • Keep your orchestrations small. • What changes together should be deployed together. Closing remarks II