Rolling dice alone: Board games with remote friends

C3a4fc30c6f27aeee94dcdf03c689dd7?s=47 Tim Nugent
July 22, 2015

Rolling dice alone: Board games with remote friends

Board games are hard at the best of times – you have to find a bunch of friends who have the free time to play, find a game everyone is happy to play, and make sure the game can be played in the time you’ve all got free. When friends leave the state you live in and move elsewhere, things get even harder!

Last year, I presented “My Friends Keep Leaving and it is Ruining Board Games Day”, where I summarised the state of telepresence board gaming: highlighting the problems involved in it, and reporting on some of the efforts in progress to make it better.

This talk was presented at OSCON 2015


Tim Nugent

July 22, 2015