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Why I chose to be a programmer

696374755aea172f74c9235387a248ab?s=47 Keiko Kaneko
January 22, 2019

Why I chose to be a programmer


Keiko Kaneko

January 22, 2019


  1. Why I chose to be a programmer Mentorship Night -

    Same field, different perspectives 2019/01/22 Keiko Kaneko
  2. About Me ❖ Name: Kaneko Keiko ❖ ID: @neko314 ❖

    Rails developer at Actindi
  3. About Me

  4. Experiences Happenstance Environment

  5. Experiences

  6. Experiences Disability Child Abuse Globalization Depopulated Bullying Poverty

  7. Experiences A 7-years-boy asks me to hold him, because no

    one of his family don’t hold him.
  8. Experiences What can I do for my student?

  9. Experience I can do nothing….

  10. Experiences Importance of supporting “Adults”, to help children

  11. Happenstance

  12. Happencetance

  13. Happencetance I started programming

  14. Environment

  15. Environment

  16. Choice What can I do?

  17. Choice Career × Technology

  18. Choice Make people happy by my codes

  19. Thank you for your listening