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AOL ShutterBugs Photography Presentation

Nikhil Verma
February 19, 2009

AOL ShutterBugs Photography Presentation

This is a very old presentation I made, I am keeping this here mostly for archiving and sharing purposes.

Nikhil Verma

February 19, 2009


  1. By - Nikhil Verma AOL ShutterBugs Photography Presentation

  2. 1. Histograms 2. Rule of Thirds 3. Difference between Aperture

    Values 4. General Photography Tips Topics
  3. Histograms

  4. Histograms

  5. Histograms - What is a Histogram ? Histograms display the

    tonal distribution of an image in a graph based form - What is a tonal distribution ? The amount of different levels of light/dark areas present in an image - Why is a histogram important in Photography ? The true output of an image is not easily visible in the conditions a photographer may be clicking as the camera LCD itself is susceptible to changes in the light around it. A histogram lets you know the exact tonal distribution in form of a graph so that the photographer can understand the type of output he will get, and also warns you about over and underexposures
  6. Histograms Lightness Intensity

  7. Histograms

  8. Histograms

  9. Histograms

  10. Histograms

  11. Underexposed Image

  12. Overexposed Image

  13. Rule of Thirds

  14. Rule of Thirds

  15. Rule of Thirds

  16. Rule of Thirds

  17. Rule of Thirds

  18. Rule of Thirds

  19. Rule of Thirds

  20. Rule of Thirds

  21. Rule of Thirds

  22. Rule of Thirds

  23. Rule of Thirds

  24. Rule of Thirds

  25. Rule of Thirds

  26. Rule of Thirds

  27. Rule of Thirds

  28. Rule of Thirds

  29. Rule of Thirds - Yazid

  30. Rule of Thirds - Jayanth

  31. Rule of Thirds - Mrinal

  32. Rule of Thirds - Aasish

  33. Rule of Thirds - Shiva

  34. Rule of Thirds - Yazid

  35. Difference Between Aperture Values

  36. Difference Between Aperture Values

  37. Difference Between Aperture Values

  38. Difference Between Aperture Values

  39. Difference Between Aperture Values

  40. Difference Between Aperture Values

  41. Difference Between Aperture Values

  42. Difference Between Aperture Values

  43. Difference Between Aperture Values

  44. General Photography Tips

  45. General Photography Tips

  46. General Photography Tips Avoid exposures longer than 1/8 if shooting

    without a tripod
  47. General Photography Tips However …

  48. General Photography Tips Avoid long exposures with flash

  49. General Photography Tips However …

  50. General Photography Tips Light from the flash kills shadows, Light

    from other angles creates shadows
  51. General Photography Tips 1. Remember the rule of thirds if

    in doubt 2. Have a minimum exposure speed of 1/8 if not using tripod 3. Try to avoid flash as much as possible 4. Makeshift Tripods ! 5. Try to reduce the clutter by moving closer to the desired object and/or waiting for a better moment 6. Pattern Breakers 7. Try over/under exposing to get details
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