BMX MAG brew

De617ff590228a21ee63c69e609125f1?s=47 Joseph Urbina
July 13, 2013

BMX MAG brew

So here we are at our last milestone of production, your first issue of brew is on the shelves. We’re all part of this ever changing scene of BMX and brews doing its best to keep up with everybody.

But that’s easy isn’t it? All we do is ride our bikes, get you the best interviews and shoot the best photos. Were independent and were all here to stay. Who knows the scene better than the boys at
brew and you guys? I’d be lying if I told you that getting here was all smooth riding. Right about
now you’re probably shaking the seasonal cobwebs off your bike, getting ready to go out on the streets and feeling for the first half hour like you’ve had 4 cans of tennents super. . But don’t
worry you’ll get it together and winters clutch over you and your bike will soon vanish. But over the past few months here at brew we’ve been huddled together in our small studio trying to source you the best features and interviews. Which as any rider will know is not an easy task in depths of winter on our small, united island.

It’s what we love though, why would we do it if we didn’t enjoy getting out on our bikes and doing what we do best? We take the rough with the smooth; we’ll sit down, have a brew and think about where our little bikes are going to take us next. It’s definitely a change from what it was but change is good. We’re proud of what has become BMX and all of the natural progression that’s part of it.
We’d all get bored if everything was the same. Brews documenting all of this change for you in its own special way. So take us with a pinch of sugar and enjoy. Bb.


Joseph Urbina

July 13, 2013