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Elastic Community Conference CfP Clinic

Elastic Community Conference CfP Clinic

Join the Developer Advocates Emanuil Tolev and Ricardo Ferreira from Elastic in this meetup to get your abstracts reviewed. They will share their experiences in applying for conferences and helping you to get your abstract as sharp as possible. Just bring your abstract drafts and they can help you by discussing your draft during the meetup or if you are shy they can work with you privately in the chat.

Ricardo Ferreira

January 07, 2021

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  1. Agenda ❑ General guidelines about talks (10 minutes) ❑ Time

    to sanitize your abstracts (10 minutes) ❑ Open discussion and feedback (40 minutes) Reminder: Make sure the Google Doc has the proper permissions.
  2. Three parts of the talk 1. Connecting to the audience.

    2. Provide a technical background. 3. Apply the technical background.
  3. Fine tune your abstract 1. Stay inline with the conference

    theme. 2. Keep it short. Keep it sweet. Keep it focused. 3. Careful with naming and mental associations.
  4. Write a scannable content 1. mind longer paragraphs with no

    commas. 2. Write as if you were selling something. 3. dry (don’t repeat yourself) is a golden rule.
  5. Deliver something actionable 1. The audience should leave your talk

    with a plan. 2. It is never about yourself. It is about them! 3. If approved your talk still needs relevance.
  6. Just Don’t do it 1. Create long or boring titles.

    Make them catchy. 2. Don’t over describe the solution. Save the meat. 3. no sales pitches. Keep it open. Keep it elastic. 4. Don’t submit without proofreading the text. 5. Use implied/subjective jargon. Speak clearly.
  7. Open Discussion and feedback ❑ Speak up and share your

    abstract idea. ❑ Alternatively, reach out via chat. We will divide and conquer to serve everybody. ❑ We may need to send your review after.