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Micro Frontends & Design Systems, built with Angular and Stencil

Micro Frontends & Design Systems, built with Angular and Stencil

The subject of micro frontends has been very hot the last few years as development teams strive to be technology agnostic, desire to build independent apps and desire a high degree of autonomy and companies want to build apps faster, cheaper and with less risk. However, companies often struggle with the alignment of autonomous development teams and the wide variety of technology stacks.

This also applies for the largest online retailer in The Netherlands and Belgium, bol.com, where applications are split up into domain specific, self-contained, independently deployed, Angular driven micro frontends. The main goal for the company is to provide an outstanding shopping experience to costumers and for that development teams need to be aligned without jeopardizing teams' autonomy. The solution comes in the form of the company’s own design system a framework independent components library, built with StencilJs.

Video: https://t.co/bSsewm7sCn

Stefan Nieuwenhuis

March 08, 2019

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