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Developing Hospitality

October 09, 2014

Developing Hospitality

Talk given by Simon Ouderkirk and Daryl Houston at Level Up Creative Tech Conference put on by Mad Glory in Saratoga Springs, NY on October 9, 2014.


October 09, 2014


  1. Example External Hospitality Failures • Partial or missing i18n •

    Partial or failing responsiveness • Partial or missing accessibility • Confusing sign-up flow • Poor documentation • In our case, wp.com vs. wp.org
  2. Example Internal Hospitality Failures • Poor/slow search tools • Fragmented

    documentation • Fragmented bug tracking/response • Crummy UX for tools • Buggy internal tools • Failure to fix the external things,
 resulting in more support interactions.
  3. Spam Referrers • Referrers hidden from reports but not from

    counts. • No user-managed way to view/delete blocks. • We thought we would be helping both users and support staff. • We confused the former and hurt the latter.
  4. Case Study #2: The Interim Editor • Big user outcry

    • Added Opt-Out • Can think of this as good Service bailing out suboptimal Hospitality WP.com Happiness Team
  5. A Framework for Integrating Hospitality into your Launch • The

    Bigelow Window • Cures, not band-aids • Ownership of and support for crucial things like testing (needs a champion!) • Consider opt-in beta testing for big launches (also good for community)
  6. Closing Remarks Q & A Simon Ouderkirk Daryl L.L. Houston

    ! ! daryl.learnhouston.com! @dllh! ouderkirk.co! @saouderkirk