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Discngine Cloud Infrastructure

Discngine Cloud Infrastructure

Presentation of the new Discngine Cloud Infrastructure


May 24, 2022

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  1. A complete solution for organizing, managing and growing your research

    computing environment in the cloud Consulting Discngine SaaS 3rd party software hosting Custom development & hosting Lift & Shift & Host HPC on demand Connectivity to external databases Containeri- zation and Kubernetes orchestration Managed Services Define your cloud-first approach strategy • Project technical refinement • Proof of Concept Host your Discngine's softwares • 3Decision • Assay • Qualification Host your 3rd party softwares Leverage your legacy applications and make them live on the cloud Enjoy the benefits of applications or components designed to meet your specific needs, which make the most of the cloud Benefit from containeri- zation of legacy, complex and standard workloads, running on : • Kubernetes • Openshift • Docker Swarm Maintain complete and reliable connectivity to your critical databases whether they are on premise or public Get additional High Performance Computing resources when you need them, for the time you need them, the way you need them
  2. Benefit from a solution designed for Life Sciences Research Dedicated

    to Life Sciences Research A secured environment Easy and under control Engineered to handle High- Performance Computing (HPC) workloads A seamless process from development to delivery and hosting ISO 27001 security standard Choice of your data residence and the regulations that apply to its use Designed to run biological and chemical workloads Minimized effort required to install, configure and maintain your software Adjustable performance of your solution Full control of your users' access Fixed costs kept to a minimum and payment only for what you use
  3. Company Paris 2004 ~60 employees >70 customers worldwide More Information:

  4. None