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Accessibility on Android

Victoria Gonda
April 18, 2018

Accessibility on Android

In this talk, we learn about some of the basics of accessibility on Android, and how we can improve the Buffer app.

Victoria Gonda

April 18, 2018


  1. WHY ACCESSIBILITY ➤ Make our app usable for more people

    ➤ Make the app more usable for people in everyday situations ➤ DO THE RIGHT THING! ➤ IMPROVE CONSISTENTLY ➤ ACT BEYOND YOURSELF
  2. WHAT HELPS ➤ Content description for screen readers ➤ Increased

    contrast ➤ Large touch targets ➤ Meaningful ordering ➤ Announce visual changes
  3. WHAT WE CAN DO? ➤ Add tests to prevent accessibility

    regression ➤ Ensure we’re always using ➤ Content descriptions ➤ High contrast ➤ Large touch targets ➤ Try out the app with a screen reader ➤ Ability to add image descriptions for Twitter posts
  4. “ Let’s change the narrative “heroic disabled person overcomes obstacles”

    to “society is inclusive, all can succeed”. -Haben Girma