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Done Done

October 07, 2012

Done Done

The 12 Habits of High Performers - part of a presentation on Creating a Culture of Accountability that attracts and keeps High Performers


October 07, 2012

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  1. DONE DONE The 12 Habits of High Performers Chris Lema

  2. They make DECISIONS & take action Habit One

  3. None
  4. They act EVEN WHEN they don’t feel like it Habit

  5. None
  6. They do the most PRODUCTIVE thing right away Habit Three

  7. None
  8. They only do ONE THING at a time Habit Four

  9. “One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and

    the rest don't mean *%@!.”
  10. They have a POSITIVE attitude Habit Five

  11. None
  12. They have REDEFINED failure Habit Six

  13. None
  14. They don’t let FEAR hold them back Habit Seven

  15. None
  16. They are clear about their PURPOSE in whatever context they’re

    in Habit Eight
  17. None
  18. They don’t get DISTRACTED by the little stuff Habit Nine

  19. Joe Montana

  20. They value THEIR TIME & have a plan for how

    to use it Habit Ten
  21. Suzy Welch 10-10-10

  22. They are CONTINUALLY Developing their Communication Skills Habit Eleven

  23. None
  24. They have an OPEN MIND & are willing to learn

    Habit Twelve
  25. None