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First open - Spot app

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April 09, 2017

First open - Spot app

User experience review of the Spot (beta) mobile app (www.spot.co.za/beta)



April 09, 2017


  1. First open Spot Werner van Rooyen hello@wernervanrooyen.com @werneravr

  2. I was sent this link

  3. Cool. But what is it?

  4. Cool. But what is it?

  5. Still not so sure, something about sending money…suggest placing clear

    message on top of the page. Anyway, let’s get it!
  6. Expected.

  7. Aha! Easy mobile payments.

  8. Send money, get money. I like to get money, let’s

    download it!
  9. Intros! Video background must have contributed to the 28mb app

    i almost downloaded over an expensive 4g connection. Also, seems like people who listen to live music like to send money?
  10. OK, that step one looks like --but isn’t-- a button.

    I suppose this is the intro. Also not sure which of my contacts do awkward chest-grabbing piggybacks.
  11. Then I’ll select an amount, got it.

  12. Then the funds will be transferred. Via debit order. Which

    on my pay as you use banking costs me money each time. 48 hours is probably a long time. “Contact’s” needs an apostrophe, tisk tisk.
  13. But Let’s get started!

  14. Hmn, okay, that’s a little pushy. I’d like to know

    why I’m giving this. Or at least show me a little bit of the app (instead of lifestyle videos). But... let’s try A BOGUS number TO SEE IF IT MATTERS.
  15. OK, it’s targeting South Africans, Get it.

  16. Cool. Just loads for a long time.

  17. Cool.

  18. OTP came after 10 seconds or so.

  19. Not sure how long this form I’m supposed to fill

    in is; keyboard is over the rest. Makes me a little anxious.
  20. Ah. Also not sure why you need my phone and

    my email at this stage...but Let’s go!
  21. Let’s add a photo!

  22. I’ll choose an existing one to wow my contacts.

  23. Cool.

  24. Let’s go for the one of me in my leopard

    party outfit.
  25. Nothing happens.

  26. Hmn.

  27. Cancel and go back?

  28. Let’s take one!

  29. Cool.

  30. All set.

  31. Cool.

  32. Hmn...30 seconds of this.

  33. Wait what?! We’ve only just met and already you’re asking

    for my banking details. Maybe allow me to see the awesome app first?
  34. Seems a little pushy.

  35. Maybe I can skip it...

  36. Damnit.

  37. Oh well, let’s go to my banking app and copy

    and paste the fields.
  38. Not sure why you needed my ID number in addition

    to everything else...but okay.
  39. Okaaaay.

  40. Ah, perfect for mobile. Let me grab a magnifying lens

    real quick.
  41. Nvm, you can zoom and enjoy scrolling across for ten

    minutes. I never thought I’d say this, but look at Apple’s T&C’s updates and just make it similar/scrollable .
  42. Let’s see them T&c’s.

  43. 5 seconds

  44. Cool.

  45. OK, looks good. let’s get paid!

  46. ok.

  47. Well, that’s pretty pushy of you. Maybe first tease me

    with what you’d like to send and why you’d like to interrupt my flow with notifications.
  48. But fine...

  49. I forgot to take a snap of the empty state,

    but next I tapped on the payment icon.
  50. Cool. Since I don’t know anyone’s number or email.

  51. And it supports emoji!

  52. Keypad still covers the text at the bottom. but more

    importantly: I’m paying a Fee which increases my transaction by a whopping 39.50% - my financial advisor wouldn’t be happy with this.
  53. Let’s do it

  54. Great success!

  55. Summary: Good design and the R20 bonus made me more

    comfortable to test it. Signup is too long and I’d like to see the app first before giving you all my sensitive info.
  56. A few more things: 1. The transaction history is light

    (no date, not tappable, despite looking like a button). 2. My profile photo still doesn’t show. 3. The fees are a deal breaker (debit order fee and sending fee) - I’d rather just build up a balance with splitwise and settle at the end of the month...but that’s just me.
  57. And, the next day, I got this :-(

  58. First open END Werner van Rooyen hello@wernervanrooyen.com @werneravr