The Frontend is a Fullstack

1f1c178868e9246becc58cfc6c6600bc?s=47 Luca Marchesini
September 08, 2016

The Frontend is a Fullstack

Web pages are dead, very dead: long live apps! The web is the land of the paradigm shift and Frontend Developers are mutant ninjas. Today's frontends embody the UI, the View Logic, some Business Logic and some Storage. This is a Full Stack on its own, on the client. Modern, component-oriented UI frameworks, together with state-action paradigms (like Flux and its most popular implementation, Redux) have formalized a lot of new concepts. And this radically changes the way we think our architecture. How do we distribute our business logic? How do we keep things in sync? Do we actually need a backend? How do we keep components reusable? A lot of new practices have emerged and we feel that Relay will be the next big thing. We are shifting to a development environment that will give us more and more resources to focus on what really matters: the user, the experience, the product. Let's get ready for the next leap.


Luca Marchesini

September 08, 2016