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jsconf japan panel talk

jsconf japan panel talk


Yosuke Furukawa

December 01, 2019


  1. JSConf Panel Talks

  2. Translation System: 
 Japan <=> English translation

  3. Translation System • Exactly, yes. • But someone could understand

    English well, they don’t need the system. • English only speakers need translation system from Japanese => English. • I know… BUT….
  4. Translation is expensive. if we have set up translation system,

    we need 3 million yen / 30 k USD
  5. Let’s Poll

  6. Why is JSConf JP ticket so cheap compare to other

    JSConf? is it sustainable?
  7. Cheap? or Expensive? • Japanese some developers tell me "oh

    8000 yen?! a little bit expensive than others". • International organizers like JSConf asia, EU, "pretty cheap!".
  8. Let’s Poll

  9. How do you feel the difference between EU and JP

    tech community?
  10. Japanese ? / European ? • My feeling is a

    little bit diligent in Japanese Community. • We would like to break the difference but language barrier is pretty higher than my thought.
  11. Do Japanese developers have better English skill than other jobs?

    How good is their skill? (No offfend)
  12. None
  13. What is the key message you want to deliver to

    participants through the conference as an organizer?
  14. Key message? • Our motto: "To Be Global, To Be

    Inclusive" • I really would like our attendees to make lots of new international friends. • AND if you have some troubles on your dev, feel free to ask the troubles to our speakers.
  15. Do you think the community should be small and segregated?

    Or do you think you should become one big JS community?
  16. Small conf vs Big conf

  17. Let’s Poll

  18. How many JS communities are there like CorkJS in the

    EU? https:// www.meetup.com/Cork- JavaScript-Meetup/
  19. Do you have any plans for the "next" JSConf EU?

  20. freezing!
 should have some lights at room C after

  21. Sorry / ͝ΊΜͳ͍͞ • We have 350 CFPs, we would

    like to introduce lots of talks as we could. • We have requested new room but we could not get, we have changed the RoofTop as a new room. • That is not so good idea for everyone …
  22. Do you have any metrics that your conferences chase to

  23. Metrics • We have measured "satisfaction level" by enquete. •

    BUT I am focusing on "quolitative attendees voice". We are collecting the voice from twitter/enquete/facebook/hatena etc.
  24. I'd like to know how many international attendees join this

  25. We don’t have the data, but our feeling is •

    60% Japanese, 40% International : Receptionist voice. • Our philosophy is: Be Global, Be Inclusive, That is good balance for Japanese Conference.
  26. How to join organizer team?

  27. JSConf.JP • Please tell me!!!! • We need lots of

    members AND we need Project Manager role…. • We have a leader ( me :) ), we have lots of great staff. But tastlist maintenance is not so good at us …
  28. Will JavaScript, after adding strict data types and non-JIT compiler,

    be one day execute as fast as C++?
  29. Javascript in the next 10 years? I work on a

    project with 50 year lifetime, but what will become of JavaScript and various frameworks in next 10 years?
  30. Are there any goals for the JS community as a

    whole, like Ruby’s 3x3 performance goal?
  31. JSConf.JP next ??

  32. JSConf.JP next • We will hold next event on September

    2020 (maybe). • TC39 will hold the meeting on Tokyo. • We will collaborate with TC39!