[JavaOne 2017] A competitive food retail architecture with microservices

[JavaOne 2017] A competitive food retail architecture with microservices

Two years ago, REWE Digital started refactoring a monolith into a microservice platform. This session’s speakers want to share the lessons the company learned the hard way and provide some answers to questions it ran into:
• What kind of organization helps reflect the vertical boundaries in software while its team grows?
• How do you define bounded contexts with many teams and features? Are there ways to guide your teams and enable autonomy on all levels in your organization?
• How does eventing change how you think about your entities?
• How can multiple microservices contribute to the same pages?

The speakers share their interpretation of an architecture where developers stay in the driver’s seat and have a fair degree of independence.


Ansgar Brauner

October 03, 2017