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Serverless & Web Development: love at first sight ❤

Serverless & Web Development: love at first sight ❤

Yet another Serverless Overview, focused on web development use cases.

Alex will describe what Serverless means, what alternatives are available in the public Clouds and in the open-source worlds, its advantages & disadvantages, etc.


Alex Casalboni

October 11, 2017


  1. Serverless & Web Development ❤ Love at first sight

    ❤ 10/11/2017
  2. About Me @alex_casalboni Computer Science Background Sr. SoBware Engineer

    & Web Developer Cloud Evangelist @ Cloud Academy Serverless Italy Meetup Co-Organizer
  3. Serverless @ Italy (every 3rd Thursday @ Mikamai!)

    (a couple of weeks ago!)
  4. Call for Speakers!

  5. Agenda What is Serverless? Pros & Cons Web use cases

    Let’s build something!
  6. What is Serverless? Esiste davvero una definizione precisa?

  7. Serverless DefiniUon(s) “Serverless compu?ng is a cloud compu?ng execu?on model

    in which the cloud provider dynamically manages the alloca?on of machine resources.” [Wikipedia] “Ephemeral compute power that comes into existence on request and disappears immediately aGer use.” [Tech Radar] “Applica?ons where some amount of server-side logic is s?ll wriIen by the applica?on developer but run in stateless compute containers that are event-triggered, ephemeral, and fully managed by a 3rd party.” [Mike Roberts] “A Serverless solu?on is one that costs you nothing to run if nobody is using it.” [Paul Johnston]
  8. I know what you are thinking… There is always a

    server somewhere,
 you just don't have to worry about it :)
  9. FaaS is everywhere!
  10. But Serverless != FaaS Distributed micro services Event-driven architecture ElasUcity

    everywhere Dev-friendly Ops
  11. Serverless Tools Chalice Framework
  12. Pros & Cons Vantaggi e svantaggi del mondo serverless

  13. Serverless advantages Infinite scalability Transparent availability Almost-zero maintenance Dev-friendly Ops

    Cheap (PAYG) Flexible (BYOC) Decoupled services Failure IsolaUon
  14. Serverless disadvantages Design/Thinking shiB Real Decoupling Distributed Monitoring/Debugging Trust in

    your vendor Devs must learn Ops Pioneering is challenging It’s a moving target Immature Tooling
  15. Web use cases Qualche scenario interessante legato al mondo dello

    sviluppo web
  16. 1) RESTful APIs + + Amazon API Gateway (HTTP Trigger)

    AWS Lambda (FaaS) Amazon DynamoDB (elasUc database)
  17. 2) Event-driven architectures + Amazon S3 (Object Storage) AWS Lambda

  18. 3) Stream processing + Amazon Kinesis (Streaming Buffer) AWS Lambda

  19. 4) Edge compuUng + Amazon CloudFront (CDN) AWS Lambda@Edge (FaaS

    at the Edge)
  20. (Lambda@Edge)

  21. 5) End-to-end data pipeline

  22. Let’s build something! Finalmente un po’ di codice :)

  23. < demo >

  24. Grazie =) Domande? 10/11/2017