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Joint urban & long-distance travel experience

Joint urban & long-distance travel experience

This is a presentation Turnit CEO Andres Osula made at Move 2020 conference in London. It explains what Turnit platform is and how it's helping Intercity Bus Industry to upgrade its digital infrastructure in order to enable superior passenger experience like door-to-door travel. It also addresses challenges facing such service facilitation, which will slow down the process

Andres Osula

February 11, 2020

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  13. • Variety of booking flow & data requirements during booking

    process • Long-distance – Origin, Destination, Ticket product, Date, Departure time, Seat, etc. • Regional – Zone, Ticket product, Validity • Ride hailing – Origin, Destination, Service level • Commercial challenges: • Who keeps the client relationship, loyalty and brand? • PTA-s often lack incentives for commercial co-operation • Commercial liability in case interruption
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  15. Long-distance door-to-door capability will be pursued by commercially driven long-distance

    operators who: • Handle the most complex segment of the booking process • Want to enrich their existing customer experience • Want to retain customer relationship • Are leaner in adopting new business models and API integrations
  16. Booking a ticket on LuxExpress.eu Booking a taxi transfer on

    origin and/or destination Booking an hourly/daily public transport ticket with QR code
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  18. • Transport service providers publish their API documentation, business rules

    and contract agreements in open, shared ecosystem • Any interested party can integrate any other service provider’s offer, provided it brings additional value • Customer will choose the booking and user experience that fits his purpose best Turnit Ride
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    Andres Osula andres.osula@turnit.com