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SFPC mid-program talk @ codecademy

Andy Dayton
October 14, 2015

SFPC mid-program talk @ codecademy

Andy Dayton

October 14, 2015


  1. How does the coffee maker work? What’s the best way

    to teach humans about computers? How does it work? What can I use it for? How can I break it? Is “poetic computation” possible? How can I understand the tool deeply without forgetting that it’s only a tool? How can I be generous? What happens when combine strictly “human” things like spirituality/ethics with logical machines? How can we use technology but avoid idolizing it as utopian? How can we riff on the phrase “spiritual technology”? What can we do with this loading dock? What can we learn about ourselves by simulating human experience with machines? How do you build a metaphysical machine? How do you build a transformative machine? How can we build machines for asking questions rather than “solving” problems? What about the body?
  2. –Vera Molnar, "Toward Aesthetic Guidelines for Paintings with the Aid

    of a Computer” “In spite of their advantages, computers, no more than other simpler tools, do not guarantee that a work of art of good quality will result, for it is an artist’s skill that is the decisive factor”