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Seagull Swarm

Seagull Swarm

All young Tao wants is to eat his weird combination of chips and ice cream in peace. But that seagull looks hungry too. Surely one chip given in generosity won’t do any harm…

Atlas Schuster

January 12, 2024

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  1. Scene 2 Panel 1 Dialog Unintelligible music streams from headphones

    Action Notes Character head bops to the music Notes *Camera* Close-up on headphones
  2. Scene 2 Panel 2 Action Notes Character's feet tap to

    the beat Notes *Camera* close-up cut to shoes
  3. Scene 2 Panel 3 Action Notes Character tugs sleeves up

    Notes *Camera* close-up cut to arms
  4. Scene 2 Panel 4 Action Notes Character looks up at

    the sky where the sun beats down heavily - seagulls circulate above Notes *Camera* Cut to over the shoulder
  5. Scene 2 Panel 5 Action Notes There is a very

    long line of people outside of an ice cream shop, all looking for a reprieve from the unexpected heat. Notes *Camera* Wide shot of Ice cream line
  6. Scene 2 Panel 6 Dialog Skater: Thanks Pam Pam: Take

    care Hayden! Action Notes Pam, the shop owner hands an ice cream cone to the person in front of our MC Notes *Camera* cut to over the shoulder
  7. Scene 2 Panel 7 Action Notes Character steps up to

    the window. Seagulls stand around casually. Notes *Camera* Cut to wide shot
  8. Scene 2 Panel 8 Dialog Pam: Tao! What can I

    get for you? Action Notes Pam leans out the window. Notes *Camera* Cut to medium shot of Pam
  9. Scene 2 Panel 9 Dialog Tao: One vanilla cone and

    a bag of chips please! Action Notes Tao awkwardly places his crumpled cash and loose change up on the service counter. Notes *Camera* Cut to Tao
  10. Scene 2 Panel 10 Dialog Pam: Coming right up! Action

    Notes Pam takes the change and walks out of view from the window Notes *Camera* Cut to Pam
  11. Scene 2 Panel 11 Dialog Pam: Here's That cone for

    ya... Action Notes Pam hands Tao an ice cream cone , which he takes eagerly. Notes *Camera* Cut to Tao
  12. Scene 2 Panel 12 Dialog Pam: ...and the chips. Tao:

    Thanks Pam! Action Notes Pam hands Tao a bag of chips which he takes with his other hand. Notes *Camera* Cut to side profile of both
  13. Scene 2 Panel 13 Dialog Pam: Bye Tao, stay cool

    now! Tao: You too! Action Notes Pam waves goodbye to Tao as he walks away with his purchase Notes *Camera* Focus on Pam as Tao leaves the frame
  14. Scene 2 Panel 14 Action Notes Tao walks over to

    a shaded park bench under a street light. A few seagulls meander around another park bench. Notes *Camera* Extra-Wide shot of boardwalk
  15. Scene 2 Panel 15 Action Notes Tao sits and places

    his chips beside him, and opens the bag one handed. Notes *Camera* Medium shot
  16. Scene 3 Panel 1 Action Notes Tao then uses a

    chip to scoop a chunk of his ice cream Notes *Camera* Medium Shot
  17. Scene 3 Panel 2 Action Notes Tao takes a bite

    and is chewing, satisfied with his snacks, when he hears a flapping sound. Notes *Camera* Close shot
  18. Scene 3 Panel 3 Action Notes Tao opens his eyes

    to see... Notes *Camera* Closeup of Tao
  19. Scene 3 Panel 4 Action Notes ... a seagull. Staring

    up at him. Notes *Camera* Medium shot of seagull
  20. Scene 3 Panel 5 Action Notes Tao looks to the

    chip bag next to him. Notes *Camera* Closeup of Tao
  21. Scene 3 Panel 6 Action Notes The seagull glances between

    Tao and the chips. Notes *Camera* cut to chip bag, keeping Taos body and the seagull in frame.
  22. Scene 3 Panel 7 Action Notes Tao rolls his eyes.

    Notes *Camera* Closeup of Tao
  23. Scene 3 Panel 8 Dialog Tao: Fine... but just one.

    Action Notes Tao begrudgingly tosses the bird a chip Notes *Camera* keep tao's hand and the seagull in frame.
  24. Scene 3 Panel 9 Action Notes The Seagull pecks and

    then picks up the chip. Notes *Camera* cut to bird
  25. Scene 3_A Panel 1 Action Notes The Seagull throws its

    head back and swallows the chip whole. Notes *Camera* Closeup on bird.
  26. Scene 3_A Panel 2 Action Notes The Seagull stares again

    at Tao, now more menacingly. Notes *Camera* medium shot
  27. Scene 3_A Panel 3 Action Notes The Seagull steps forward

    Notes *Camera* over the shoulder of Tao
  28. Scene 3_A Panel 4 Action Notes More seagulls fly in

    Notes *Camera* over the shoulder of Tao
  29. Scene 3_A Panel 5 Action Notes Tao's mouth hangs open,

    shocked Notes *Camera* medium shot of Tao
  30. Scene 3_A Panel 6 Action Notes Tao reaches into the

    bag for more chips Notes *Camera* medium-wide shot of Tao
  31. Scene 3_A Panel 7 Action Notes Tao throws a hand

    full of chips to the birds Notes chips come towards the *Camera* medium-wide shot of Tao
  32. Scene 3_A Panel 8 Action Notes The seagulls there start

    to eat and more fly in. Notes *Camera* Wide shot of seagull crowd
  33. Scene 3_A Panel 9 Action Notes The seagulls advance towards

    Tao, and converge on the chips as Tao desperately empties the rest of his bag and steps onto the bench to get away. Notes *Camera* Wide shot of Tao and bird crowd
  34. Scene 3_A Panel 10 Dialog Tao: I don't have anymore!

    Action Notes Tao stands on the bench as the seagulls advance on him Notes *Camera* Wide shot of Tao and bird crowd
  35. Scene 3_A Panel 11 Dialog bike bell dings Action Notes

    A bike goes by, dispersing the seagulls. Notes *Camera* wide shot
  36. Scene 3_A Panel 12 Action Notes Tao pauses, and checks

    his surroundings Notes *Camera* wide shot of Tao
  37. Scene 3_A Panel 13 Action Notes Determining it safe, Tao

    sits back down on the bench Notes *Camera* Medium-wide shot
  38. Scene 3_A Panel 14 Action Notes Meanwhile, some seagulls have

    gathered on top of a street light and watch him angrily from above. Notes *Camera* Extra-Wide shot of seagulls and Tao
  39. Scene 3_A Panel 15 Action Notes The instigating seagull looks

    from side to side Notes *Camera* Wide shot of seagulls.
  40. Scene 4 Panel 1 Action Notes The three seagulls huddle

    up, and the instigating seagull seems to whisper something between them Notes *Camera* Wide shot of seagulls
  41. Scene 4 Panel 2 Action Notes The two side seagulls

    laugh at what the instigating seagull said as it flies off the street light and out of frame Notes *Camera* same wide shot
  42. Scene 4 Panel 3 Action Notes The instigating seagull flies

    to the streetlight above Tao Notes *Camera* Extra wide shot of seagulls and Tao
  43. Scene 4 Panel 4 Action Notes The seagull peers down

    at Tao from his new perch Notes *Camera* Wide shot of Tao and Seagull
  44. Scene 4 Panel 5 Action Notes Tao is enjoying his

    ice cream below, despite the earlier incident. Notes *Camera* Medium shot of Tao
  45. Scene 4 Panel 6 Action Notes The seagull turns around...

    and poops. Notes *Camera* Medium shot of seagull
  46. Scene 4 Panel 7 Action Notes The seagull droppings land

    on Tao's arm, but he is too engrossed in his ice cream, which has begun to melt onto his hand, to notice. Notes *Camera* Medium shot of Tao
  47. Scene 4 Panel 8 Action Notes Tao notices his ice

    cream has melted onto his hand Notes *Camera* Medium shot of Tao
  48. Scene 4 Panel 9 Action Notes Tao begins to lick

    the ice cream off his hand Notes *Camera* Medium shot of Tao
  49. Scene 4 Panel 10 Action Notes and then Tao tries

    to lick what he *thinks* is ice cream from his arm Notes *Camera* Medium shot of Tao
  50. Scene 4 Panel 11 Dialog Tao: Blegh! Action Notes Tao

    immediately reacts to the taste, squinting and spitting Notes *Camera* Medium shot of Tao
  51. Scene 4 Panel 12 Dialog Tao: AAAH, BLECH, BLEGH, EWWW,

    AHH Action Notes And then realizes that it was NOT ice cream that he just tried to eat. Which results in more screaming and spitting and gagging as well. Notes *Camera* Medium shot of Tao
  52. Scene 4 Panel 13 Action Notes The seagull laughs from

    above.... Notes *Camera* Medium shot of seagull
  53. Scene 4 Panel 14 Action Notes ...But the seagull laughs

    so hard, that he accidentally steps off the street light... Notes *Camera* Medium shot of seagull