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Discovering Azure Automanage Machine Configuration by Gael Colas

Discovering Azure Automanage Machine Configuration by Gael Colas

Slides from the following meetup: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/microsoft-azure-zurich-user-group/events/291425573/

Discovering Azure Automanage Machine Configuration
In this session we’ll discover a fairly new service in Azure to configure and audit both Windows or Linux VMs. We’ll first discover how you can audit compliance but also remediate non-compliance with built-in resources. Then we’ll dive into writing your own custom packages in PowerShell to cater for all your scenarios!

About Gael:
Gael is a Consultant in the DevOps, Automation, Azure and PowerShell space, recently moved to Vaud, Switzerland, where he just opened a branch of his UK-based consulting company. Gael has worked for London-based Hedge funds, and blue-chip companies, and was awarded Microsoft MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management since 2017. Community enthusiast and fervent DevOps advocate, Gael helps organising user groups and other conferences such as the PowerShell Conference Europe, PSDayUK, the London PowerShell User Group, and the Swiss PowerShell User Group and other events...


Azure Zurich User Group

March 30, 2023

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  1. @gaelcolas Gael Colas ▪PowerShell / DSC expert & consultant ▪PowerShell

    Working Group Member ▪DSC Community Committee Member ▪Microsoft MVP ▪Director @ SynEdgy (PSConfEU, PSDayUK…) ▪Switzerland and UK these days, mostly…
  2. @gaelcolas PowerShell Conference Europe ▪80 Sessions ▪45 speakers / 300

    Attendees ▪4 Days ▪Microsoft ▪PowerShell team members (4) ▪WinGet PM (1) ▪PowerShell Community Dinner https://psconf.eu
  3. @gaelcolas Agenda ▪What is a Configuration as Code ▪The DSC

    Platform ▪Past, Present, Future ▪Azure Automanage Machine Configuration ▪Aka Azure Policy Guest Configuration
  4. @gaelcolas The problem You are here You want to get

    there State State Transform Transform Transform A Configuration is a Directed Acyclic Graph
  5. @gaelcolas Rollback is a fallacy You are here You want

    to get there State State Transform Transform Transform State
  6. @gaelcolas Traditional Management ▪Guesstimate the current state ▪Apply (imperative) changes

    following a procedure ▪Implement monitoring ▪Document the changes ▪pray
  7. @gaelcolas Why Infra as Code Baseline Baseline P D C

    A P D C A P D C A P D C A PLAN DO CHECK ACT Deming Cycles
  8. @gaelcolas All the DSCs ▪PSDSC: PowerShell Desired State Configuration ▪DSC

    vs DSC: ▪DSL: Domain Specific Language ▪Agents ▪Pull Server & Reporting ▪Azure DSC
  9. @gaelcolas DSC Community ▪https://dsccommunit.org ▪Community Calls every 6 weeks ▪

    Sessions from community and product groups ▪ Open questions ▪ Community release updates ▪https://github.com/dsccommunity