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5665302502b3f48f4decb7f37bdeb348?s=47 Rae Knowler
June 27, 2019



Rae Knowler

June 27, 2019


  1. — Mental Health First Aid Rae Knowler Liiptalk, 27.06.2019

  2. Agenda – What is Mental Health First Aid? – Why

    is MHFA important? – Limitations – Mental health issues covered – The ALGEE approach – Conclusions
  3. What is Mental Health First Aid?

  4. A programme to extend the concept of First Aid training

    to include mental health issues
  5. Mental Health First Aid – First developed in Canberra, Australia,

    in 2000 – Developed by educators, mental health consumers, and researchers – Since adopted in 26 countries – Switzerland since 2018: https://www.ensa.swiss/de/
  6. Preserve life Prevent further harm Promote recovery Provide comfort to

    the person who is ill or injured Aims of First Aid
  7. Preserve life where there might be a risk of harm

    Provide help to stop the issue becoming more serious Promote recovery of good mental health Provide comfort to the person with a mental health issue Aims of Mental Health First Aid
  8. Why is MHFA important?

  9. Mental health issues are common.

  10. There is a stigma associated with mental ill health.

  11. Many people are not well informed.

  12. Many people with mental health issues don't get adequate treatment,

    or they delay accessing treatment.
  13. Members of the public often don't know how to respond.

  14. Limitations

  15. This talk is about MHFA, not MHFA training itself

  16. Training for First Aid, not ongoing, intensive support

  17. Localised resources

  18. Mental health situations covered

  19. Suicidality Depression Anxiety Panic attacks Substance abuse Self-harm Psychosis Mental

    health situations covered
  20. The ALGEE approach

  21. A G E E L

  22. Approach the person Assess for any crisis Assist with the

  23. Listen and give support, non-judgementally

  24. Give support and information

  25. Encourage the person to get appropriate professional help

  26. Encourage other supports

  27. Conclusion

  28. Conclusions – Mental health awareness is important – Mental Health

    First Aid training is useful – Come and talk to me about mental health (if you want to!)