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Sky Analytics Pitch Deck

October 22, 2012

Sky Analytics Pitch Deck


October 22, 2012


  1. Sky Analytics MixPanel for the Enterprise

  2. My Background Former Oracle DBA Data Visualization Behavioral Analytics

  3. My Background Started music start-up with famous TechStars alum

  4. My Background Started music start-up with infamous TechStars alum: Austin

    Veith (mugshot) Turned out to be embezzling nearly $1M from investors. He’s now in jail. Many lessons learned.
  5. The Problem SaaS analytic tools are great but all the

    best data is restricted (financial, HIPAA) MixPanel, KISSMetrics, Gaug.es don’t touch this market
  6. The Problem Enterprise analytics tools are ridiculously expensive and only

    offer limited analytic capabilities. Omniture: $100,000/year Google Analytics: $150,000/year
  7. The Problem Companies turn to Hadoop to process their clickstream,

    log & sensor data to get custom analytics. But Hadoop requires custom coding, is batch-oriented, and has a high total cost of ownership.
  8. The Solution Sky Behavioral Database

  9. What is Sky? Behavior Oriented Fast* * Aggregates 100M+ rows

    per second on a single core. Linearly scalable across cores & nodes. Real Time
  10. What is Sky? Most databases are built to be general.

    Sky is built to do one thing really e!!ing fast: Analytics
  11. The Opportunity Big Data Analytics ($4.3B in 2012) Risk Analysis

    & Fraud Detection Predictive Behavioral Analytics
  12. The Opportunity Skyland Labs is building next generation analytics products

    on top of the Sky database. Product #1: Sky Analytics (MixPanel for the Enterprise)
  13. None
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