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Distributed Social Networking

Ben Ward
March 02, 2008

Distributed Social Networking

How decentralised social networks and identities can be modelled using XFN and hCard microformats. From my presentation at WebCamp Social Network Portability, in Cork, Ireland.

Ben Ward

March 02, 2008

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  1. The Distributed Social Network How we free ourselves, right now.

    Ben Ward • http://benward.me • Social Network Portability WebCamp, Cork, Ireland • March 2nd 2008
  2. Ben Ward •ben@benward.me •Web Developer at Yahoo! Europe •Admin at

    microformats.org Hello…
  3. URL In the beginning…

  4. URL In the beginning… URL URL URL URL URL

  5. URL You Identity

  6. You Last.FM Flickr Facebook Y! Disparate Identity

  7. You Last.FM Flickr Facebook Y! XFN XFN XFN XFN Disparate

  8. Making Claims You Flickr XFN <a href="http://flickr.com/photos/benward" rel="me">Photos</a> <a href="http://benward.me"

  9. Last.FM Flickr Facebook Y! You Consolidated Identity

  10. You Contact Friend Friend Sister The Graph

  11. You Contact Friend Friend Sister The Graph

  12. •Friends, acquaintances •Contacts (‘following’) •Family (kin, siblings, parents, spouse) XFN

  13. You HTML The Information + + hCard

  14. You HTML The Information + + hCard Personality Profile Identity

  15. Contact Friend Friend Sister Ben The Network

  16. Contact Friend Friend Sister John Sarah Jeremy Alice Ben The

  17. •Use simple, powerful semantics •Crawlable data •Indexable data Consumption

  18. Google Social Graph API http://code.google.com/apis/socialgraph

  19. •When I sign up, ask for my URL •Generate my

    profile from my hCard •Find my contacts from Google’s Social Graph API •Build my buddy list from those contacts already in your database •Save my time, make me happy. So, you want to build a social application?
  20. •Indexed profiles •Granular privacy, authorized access. Next developments