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The Other Walker House

The Other Walker House

Personal animatic project based on the podcast Old Gods of Appalachia. 2023

Brendan Regulinski

June 23, 2023


  1. Scene 08 Panel 1 Dialog NARRATOR Didn't take her long

    to find it. Action Notes EXTERIOR tree lined path.
  2. Scene 09 Panel 1 Dialog NARRATOR That had faded in

    the sun to a lighter shade by time.
  3. Scene 10 Panel 1 Dialog NARRATOR The walk up to

    the steps of the porch was made of four large, flat, rectangular stones cut and laid out like a proper sidewalk.
  4. Scene 13 Panel 1 Dialog NARRATOR The rocking chairs on

    the front porch were weathered, but still looked stout and functional.
  5. Scene 16 Panel 1 Dialog NARRATOR to the first of

    the four stones of the path to the porch.
  6. Scene 18 Panel 1 Dialog NARRATOR and the light in

    the shaded yard dimmed slightly.
  7. Scene 35 Panel 1 Dialog BELLE The last day has

    come. And its the same as the first.