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February 19, 2020


This is a getting started guide to use 「e-Conte board」iPad app for making a Japanese style storyboarding...



February 19, 2020


  1. e-Conte board Quick Start Guide SGA Works LLC, Electricwoods LLC

    Version 1.0
  2. What is e-Conte board? • iPad app for making Japanese

    Anime style storyboard • Requires Apple Pencil for drawing • Requires subscription to enable drawing and editing features • Without subscription, you may still able to view storyboard documents
  3. Creating a document

  4. Creating a scene

  5. Three View modes

  6. Use Apple Pencil to draw here Tap to type dialogue

    Tap to type dialogue Tap to add a new shot 1. Worksheet Style Mode
  7. 2. Editing View Mode Tools Layers Tap to add a

    layer Active Layer Tap to edit layers Use Apple Pencil to draw here Playback controls
  8. 3. Fullscreen View Mode View coordinate mode Tap to show

    layers Use Apple Pencil to draw here Tap to add a layer Tap to add a layer
  9. switch to editing mode switch to fullscreen mode Tips: You

    may switch to arbitrary view mode directory from worksheet style view.
  10. Layers

  11. Show layers Active layer All drawing works goes to the

    active layer left right Add a new layer Edit layers
  12. Edit description (totally optional) ˎ It helps you organize layer

    structure when they grow
  13. left right Toggle show / hide a layer

  14. Duplicate this layer

  15. Tools

  16. Undo and Redo Tool • Each layer has its own

    unlimited undo stack • You may undo all your work to the very beginning • Images are subject to undo, but not redo
  17. Pen colors and opacities Tap and hold to select a

    pen color or an opacity Pen colors Opacities 100% 75% 50% 25% black red white blue brown
  18. Drawing Tools thin very thin thick very thick Line width

    Tap and hold to expand
  19. Eraser Tool • Erases vector strokes • Not like raster

    eraser tool • Erases strokes only on the active layer Source Using eraser tool Erased
  20. Hand Tool Select layers in effect (Can be multiple layers)

    Move or scale to adjust Hand Tool
  21. Exporting

  22. None
  23. Storyboard PDF Print or Share


    C2 1+00 C3 1+00 C4 TOTAL(4+00)
  25. Camera / Artbox

  26. Camera / Artbox • Camera • A rectangle equivalent to

    camera or screen • Artbox • A drawable rectangle larger than camera box that can be used for zooming, panning or tilting
  27. Edit artbox

  28. Drag a handle to resize artbox Done

  29. Camera Artbox Now you can draw here with your Apple

    Pencil. DIALOGUE here ACTION here Text fields moved down here
  30. Switch Camera / Artbox here

  31. Organizing Scenes

  32. Drag a scene to reorder Toggle editing mode Delete a

    scene (undoable) Add a scene
  33. Organizing Shots

  34. Drag a shot to reorder Toggle editing mode Insert a

    blank shot Delete a shot Copy / Paste / Duplicate a shot
  35. Toggle group / ungroup them as a single shot Toggle

    start / stop stopwatch Accept the duration +1 frame -1 frame Retake Stopwatch style duration entry Calculator style duration entry Duration entry Frames Seconds
  36. Customization

  37. Smaller Larger

  38. Left Right

  39. Exchanging documents

  40. .dstoryboard • You can exchange documents with others • It

    is actually a directory not a single file
  41. Questions?

  42. https://www.facebook.com/groups/eConteBoardCommUserGroup/ e-Conte board Community User Group

  43. Fin