Android TV

Bcc14b45a86f42cd22d9102a96bc8a5c?s=47 Effie Barak
March 20, 2016

Android TV

I gave this talk in DroidCon SF 2016


Effie Barak

March 20, 2016


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    Libraries libraries - All support libraries versions need to be

    the same. - SQLCipher needs to be 3.3.1-1or higher. Android means all of our favorite libraries just work!
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    Leanback main UI elements: Presenter - Leanback's version of a

    Recycler Adapter, has onBindViewHolder method and a ViewHolder. Not position-based. PresenterSelector - If there's more then one or more types of Presenters displayed in the same view ArrayObjectAdapter- A generic array that contains everything else.
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    Interaction between the Fragment and the Activity Remote control actions

    PlaybackOverlayActivity PlaybackOverlayFragment Actions on controls Row VideoView Callbacks:
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