008c45c68ff49184796deda5faca4126?s=47 Craig Berntson
August 02, 2018


Part 3 of my How to Speak Good Workshop. This session discusses proper use of PowerPoint


Craig Berntson

August 02, 2018


  1. HOW TO SPEAK GOOD Craig Berntson Public Speaking for Everyone

    Workshop Session 3 Slides are at www.speakerdeck.com/craigber
  2. 1 Anxiety 2 Preparing in Analog 3 PowerPoint 4 Rehearsal

    & Showtime 5 Presentations 6 Presentations & Wrap-up
  3. Session 3 ▪ PowerPoint I have purposely broken some of

    my own advice so you can see the effect of doing it wrong.
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  8. Don’t put every word on slide Keep slides simple Long,

    complex slides take time to read The more the audience reads, the less they listen Spellcheck everything
  9. Avoid Excessive bullet pointing Maximum 4-5 bullet points Maximum three

    levels of indentation, two is better
  10. Understand the color wheel Use high-quality, simple themes Event or

    employer may provide theme
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  12. Keep graphs and charts simple If you can’t, use “builder”

  13. Don’t over use animation and transitions Animation may be needed

    to: Emphasize a point Complex diagrams Fade transition is probably best
  14. No smaller than 24 point font Clean, easy to read

    fonts Use sans-serif rather than serif font Font color should contrast with background
  15. • Two Basic Slide Types • Show Whole Slide At

    Once • Prompts to keep you on track • Reveal Technique • Show one bullet point at a time • Summarize what you’re going to say • Keeps audience from reading ahead
  16. Images add impact If it’s on the slide, talk about

    it Back row can’t see bottom of slide. Only use top 75% of slide
  17. Give your slides the billboard test

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  23. No PowerPoint Visual aids Whiteboard Flip chart 3x5 index cards

    Everything else is the same
  24. Demo

  25. No PowerPoint Bullet Points Graphs and Charts Transitions and Animations

    Fonts, Color, Images How not to use PowerPoint
  26. Workshop Using PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezzi 1. Pick a theme

    from your software 2. Transfer 3x5 cards, one card per slide 3. Write your script in complete words in the notes section 4. Add transitions if needed
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