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Making Projects Easy

Brett Harned
October 09, 2013

Making Projects Easy

This talk was presented at the Future of Web Design 2013 in NYC.

Making “cool stuff" for the people of the Internet is fun, but not always easy. Your clients hire you for your ability to make amazing experiences on the web and in apps, but they also want to be sure that you can keep your projects on the rails. That's where it can get tricky. Relationships between teams and clients can be difficult to navigate, even if the "big idea" comes easily. But that's okay! There are ways to build common goals and processes between client and design teams to lighten project stress and foster a shared creative language. Whether you're a designer, developer, or project manager, you'll find value in improving your communication and collaboration skills.

Brett Harned

October 09, 2013

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  1. Making Projects FUTURE OF WEB DESIGN NYC Brett Harned |

    @brettharned Easy Easy
  2. None
  3. ★ All the brains

  4. Make projects easier by: ˒ Communicating e ectively ˒ Playing

    nicely with others ˒ Setting expectations ˒ Managing time e ectively
  5. Easy!

  6. 1 1 Good Communications

  7. communicate often

  8. Set communication expectations

  9. ★ I may look like I’m sleeping, but I’m really

  10. Listen

  11. Take notes

  12. ★ Make your notes clear and concise (happy robots edit)

  13. feedback Be open to

  14. Be proactive

  15. Status Updates Provide

  16. ★ Team status meetings: helping get things done!

  17. ★ Client status calls make everyone happy

  18. Every status should include: What’s important? ˒ What was done

    last week ˒ What will be done this week/next week ˒ Action Items ˒ Update on Timeline ˒ Update on Budget ˒ Blockers & Risks
  19. Be Honest

  20. Learn to say...

  21. No.

  22. 2 2 Playing Nicely with Others

  23. ★ Got my new project. Life is good.

  24. ★ Team and clients want a piece. Play nice!

  25. Explain your process

  26. Collaborate

  27. ★ What does “collaboration” mean to you?

  28. Some common practices How do you collaborate? ˒ Face-to-face communication/events

    ✦ Sharing ideas: brainstorming, sketching, impromptu meetings ˒ Shared to-do lists ˒ Real-time communication ˒ Being “open”
  29. Make it work

  30. 3 3 Setting Expectations

  31. ★ Robots worry too

  32. Scope Understand Your

  33. meline Lock down your

  34. Roles Establish

  35. ★ Who’s doing what? When?

  36. 4 4 Managing Your Time

  37. ★ Your To-Do List can be your bestest friend

  38. To-Do List Create a love-worthy

  39. ★ What to do?

  40. ★ Classics

  41. ★ Record Tasks

  42. ★ Prioritize your list

  43. Set Task Priorities ˒ Highest Priority: Must be done today

    ˒ Medium Priority: You’d like to get it done today, but it can wait until tomorrow ˒ Low Priority: It can be done tomorrow or even the next day
  44. ★ Complete a task. Update your list.

  45. ouble Having Completing Tasks?

  46. Focus on one task at a time

  47. ★ I know when you’re busy.

  48. distractions Turn o

  49. meetings Schedule around

  50. otect your work time

  51. Control your own calendar

  52. Structure your days/weeks

  53. None
  54. Plan for the unplanned

  55. So Easy!

  56. Thanks! Brett Harned | @brettharned | brettharned.com dpm2013.com | ownercamp.com