Making Projects Easy

C4de88ea47538e4594750e3861a341c8?s=47 Brett Harned
October 09, 2013

Making Projects Easy

This talk was presented at the Future of Web Design 2013 in NYC.

Making “cool stuff" for the people of the Internet is fun, but not always easy. Your clients hire you for your ability to make amazing experiences on the web and in apps, but they also want to be sure that you can keep your projects on the rails. That's where it can get tricky. Relationships between teams and clients can be difficult to navigate, even if the "big idea" comes easily. But that's okay! There are ways to build common goals and processes between client and design teams to lighten project stress and foster a shared creative language. Whether you're a designer, developer, or project manager, you'll find value in improving your communication and collaboration skills.


Brett Harned

October 09, 2013