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Tales of Suckage and Awesomeness

F42ace1f6e35d42dadfe3136e498fe2b?s=47 Chris Wilson
November 09, 2012

Tales of Suckage and Awesomeness

Full Frontal 2012 talk on tales of the browser wars.


Chris Wilson

November 09, 2012



  2. NOT a member of Flock of Seagulls (surprisingly)

  3. NCSA Mosaic

  4. non-NCSA Mosaic Flickr: rberteig

  5. NCSA Mosaic

  6. The bane of getting NCSA Mosaic code written.

  7. NCSA Mosaic

  8. Lesson 1 Freedom to explore is a powerful thing.

  9. Most of the time. <B>this<I>is</B> a bad idea.</I>

  10. Lesson 2 Structure is a good thing.

  11. Everyone’s an author

  12. Lesson 3 You might want to secure that network.

  13. SPRY, not Spyglass

  14. 1995 - Joining Microsoft and the IE team

  15. IE 3.0: Stylish and in pieces

  16. <BLINK>

  17. <MARQUEE>

  18. Lesson 4 Serendipity is good.

  19. Lesson 5 People like flashy stuff.

  20. Comic Chat

  21. IE4 - The DHTML era dawns

  22. DHTML vs dHTML %ZOBNJD )5.-

  23. Lesson 6 Dynamic > static.

  24. The Web as universal platform [Netscape will] reduce Windows to

    a set of poorly debugged device drivers.” -Marc Andreessen, 1995 “
  25. Lesson 7 You don’t always get to be the one

    to deliver on your goals.
  26. Lesson 8 IE4 deserved its success.

  27. Dynamic changes hasLayout

  28. Compatibility becomes a problem

  29. Lesson 9 Do it right the first time.

  30. More serendipity XMLHTTPRequest

  31. IE5.0, 5.5, 6.0 - and the IE hiatus More of

    the same.
  32. UI Layout - grid and flow

  33. Lesson 10 Have clear goals. (aka: “Be careful what you

    optimize for.”)
  34. “Now is the time for the medium of the web

    to outgrow its origins in the printed page. Not to abandon so much wisdom and experience, but to also chart its own course, where appropriate.” - John Allsopp, “A Dao of Web Design” - 2000
  35. The Mash-up Revolution

  36. Lesson 11 The whole can be more than the sum

    of the parts.
  37. IE7

  38. Web 2.0 “Web 2.0 isn’t a set of technologies -

    it’s caring about your user experience.” -Ben Galbraith, 2006
  39. Lesson 12 Care about your user experience (more than anything

  40. The glorious mobile revolution of the 2000s •Responsive, engaging experiences

    •Sensors! •App Store
  41. From this...

  42. To this.

  43. Choosing A Mobile Device “My cell phone now has to

    be my guitar tuner.” -me, 2009
  44. Meeting the bar - http://phenomnomnominal.github.com/

  45. Why didn’t the iPhone = mobile Web explosion? •None of

    that cool stuff was exposed in web platform •No accelerometer, geolocation, audio input, touch events, ... and a slow JavaScript engine! •No app store!
  46. Access to capabilities in the Web is catching up •2D/3D

    graphics, storage, geolocation, integration into “native OS”, audiovideo IO, touch, ... •Dive computer is barely still an outlier
  47. Lesson 13 Integration is key.

  48. Lesson 14 Make some magic happen.

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