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January 13, 2015



January 13, 2015


  1. In a culture requiring an ID card and commitment to

    the code, an African-American couple is about to find out just how far the boundaries can be pushed… A PETE CHATMON PICTURE ! ! WRITTEN BY TONY PATRICK A DOUBLE7 IMAGES PRODUCTION blackcardfilm.com
  2. 2 FESTIVALS 2015! Our Image ! Film & Arts BLACKCARD

    | A PETE CHATMON PICTURE MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS CHALLENGES blackcardfilm.com Official Selection! Twin Cities Black! Film Festival! 2015 Best Narrative Short! Comedy! BALTIMORE! INTERNATIONAL! BLACK FILM FESTIVAL! 2015

    ITS CHALLENGES It would be just another day for Leonard, except The Commission, a shadow organization tasked with keeping members up to snuff on their “blackness”, is hot on his trail for his latest infraction. An afternoon with the love of his life, Lona, goes off course as a missing ID card escalates into questions of loyalty, life, and love. blackcardfilm.com
  4. Director’s Note 4 WHO ARE YOU? Three words that perhaps

    form the biggest question we face as individuals and one posed in film since the medium began. continues in this tradition, asking to whom must one be loyal and at what price? Should we lose individuality for the sake of community … is the happiness of our loved ones more important than our own? Through a delicate mixture of comedy, satire, and ultimately drama, captures the journey of one couple trying to answer the above questions. The universality of this issue shines through the specifics of their story, creating a reflection on what we all experience. - Pete Chatmon, March 2015 BLACKCARD | A PETE CHATMON PICTURE MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS CHALLENGES BLACKCARD BLACKCARD blackcardfilm.com
  5. 5 Cast Dorian Missick! “Leonard Brown”! ! Credits Include:! “Annie”!

    “SouthLAnd”! “Big Words” Simone Missick! “Lona Cooke”! ! Credits Include:! “Ray Donovan”! “Taste of Romance”! “Voicemail” Hisham Tawfiq! “The Commissioner”! ! Credits Include:! “The Blacklist”! “30 Rock”! “Gun Hill” Malikha Mallette! “Agent Fields”! ! Credits Include:! “Person of Interest”! “Epic”! “One Life to Live” BLACKCARD | A PETE CHATMON PICTURE MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS CHALLENGES Stephen Hill! “Agent Rolle”! ! Credits Include:! “Boardwalk Empire”! “Political Animals”! “Jack of the Red Hearts” Erika Myers! “Agent DuPane”! ! Credits Include:! “Law & Order: SVU”! “Let Them Wear Towels”! “12 Steps to Recovery” blackcardfilm.com
  6. 6 Cast [cont’d] Malikha Mallette as Deputy Ramona Fields Simone

    Missick as Lona | Dorian Missick as Leonard Michael Markham! “Lance Vanderbilt”! ! Credits Include:! “Law & Order”! “The Sonnet Project”! “Code to a Forgotten Tale” Vladimir Versailles! “Commission Agent”! ! Credits Include:! “Public Morals”! “Orange is the New Black”! “Mooz-Lum” Nasser Metcalfe! “Commission Agent”! ! Credits Include:! “My Brother”! “Tennessee”! “Disciplinary Actions” BLACKCARD | A PETE CHATMON PICTURE MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS CHALLENGES Valence Thomas! “DuVay Jenkins”! ! Credits Include:! “Taxi Brooklyn”! “Men In Black 3”! “Notorious” April Matthis! “Agent Winters”! ! Credits Include:! “Wendell and the Lemon”! “Elevator Repair Service”! blackcardfilm.com
  7. Production Details TRT: 14 Minutes! Format: RED Epic ! Location:

    NY / NJ! Completed: Winter ’15! USA 7 The Commission Manual BLACKCARD | A PETE CHATMON PICTURE MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS CHALLENGES blackcardfilm.com
  8. 8 Crew Pete Chatmon! Director, ! Executive Producer Christina DeHaven!

    Producer Pete Chatmon is the guy you want behind the lens. His debut feature, “Premium”, starred Zoe Saldana and Dorian Missick and premiered on Showtime. Chatmon also wrote, produced, and directed “761st”, a documentary on the first black tank battalion in WWII, narrated by Andre Braugher.! ! Chatmon received the 2008 Tribeca Film Institute "All Access" Program's Creative Promise Narrative Award for the screenplay “$FREE.99”, written in collaboration with Candice Sanchez McFarlane. He has directed content for ad agencies, Porsche, The Salvation Army, and other brands. His career began in 2001 with the Sundance selection of his NYU thesis film “3D”, starring Kerry Washington. Tony Patrick! Writer, Producer Tony Patrick, HouYork native (half Houstonian, half New Yorker) is a graduate of NYU’s Dramatic Writing Program. After a brief stint as an NBC Page and assistant producer at Grey Advertising, Tony sold the feature-length screenplay “Full of It” (also known as the international television comedy “Big Liar on Campus”) to New Line Cinema (2002) and worked as a staff writer on UPN’s “Rock Me, Baby” (2003-04). ! ! After a six year hiatus in Europe and Southeast Asia, Tony returned stateside with two short documentaries, a music album, and numerous TV and feature film scripts under his belt. His creator- owned comic book, “X-ED”, will be released by Black Mask Studios in Spring 2015. A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Christina works as a production manager, line producer, and producer on numerous short films, features, documentaries, commercials, and music videos. Several of her films have played at Sundance, Tribeca, SXSW, and HBO. She also co- produced two feature length documentaries, “My Uncle Berns”, which aired on HBO, and “761st”, an independent documentary about the first African-American tank battalion to enter combat in WWII. ! ! Christina is also a member of the Producers Guild of America and is currently serving as the Area Head of Production Supervision for NYU’s Undergraduate Film Program, while teaching her course, Producing the Short Screenplay. BLACKCARD | A PETE CHATMON PICTURE MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS CHALLENGES blackcardfilm.com
  9. 9 Crew [cont’d] Dylan Verrechia! Cinematographer,! Producer Dylan Verrechia is

    an award-winning cinematographer. Born in Paris and raised in the Caribbean, he graduated from New York University before working with directors including Jean Rouch, Sam Pollard, Spike Lee, Todd Solondz, Kim Peirce, Sonia Gonzalez, Pete Chatmon, and more.! ! His commercial clients include ARTE, AOL, Atlantic Records, Conde Nast, Funny or Die, HGTV, Huffington Post, PBS, VH1, and more. Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, Dylan has worked across the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, South Africa, India, France, Italy, Spain, Siberia, and the UK. K.A. Miille is a multi-talented editor whose work spans feature narratives, documentaries, commercials, and music videos. Her narrative experience includes the Peabody award-winning “A Huey P. Newton Story”, “Miracle’s Boys”, both directed by Spike Lee, “Premium”, directed by Pete Chatmon, and an experimental film “Who Killed Bob Marley”, directed by Roger G. Smith & Executive Produced by Steven Soderbergh.! ! Her documentary work includes the critically acclaimed “Through A Lens Darkly”, directed by Thomas Allen Harris (Sundance, 2014), the Peabody, Emmy, and duPont award-winning black history series, “The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross”, hosted by Henry Louis Gates, and “Still, The Children Are Here”, produced by Mira Nair. K.A. Miille! Editor Dorian Missick! Producer In 2002, Missick made his professional acting debut in “Two Weeks Notice”, playing Tony, Hugh Grant's right-hand man/limo driver. The exposure led to parts in TV shows including “NYPD Blue”, “Law & Order”, “Now and Again”, and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, as well as roles in movies such as “Undermind”, “50 Ways to Leave a Lover”, “A Message from Pops”, “Freedomland”, and “Two Guns”. ! ! An audition for “Antwone Fisher”, and subsequent meeting with Denzel Washington, led to a role in “The Manchurian Candidate”. Soon after, Missick got a role playing Elvis in “Lucky Number Slevin", and soon afterward landed his first leading role in “Premium”, alongside Zoe Saldana. He can currently be seen in “Annie” and the upcoming “Breaking Bad” spin-off “Better Call Saul”. BLACKCARD | A PETE CHATMON PICTURE MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS CHALLENGES blackcardfilm.com
  10. 10 Crew [cont’d] Sam Miille! Sound Designer Sam Miille is

    an award-winning sound designer having worked throughout the department as a sound mixer, sound effects editor, sound editor, and supervising sound editor. His work spans across the spectrum from narrative and documentary to shorts and features. Most recently, Sam has worked on “The Wolf of Wall Street”, Life of Pi”, “Hugo”, “Boardwalk Empire”, and “Shutter Island”. Nasser Metcalfe as a Commission Agent | Hisham Tawfiq as The Commissioner Erika Myers & Stephen Hill as Commission Agents | Valence Thomas as DuVay ELEW! Producer, Composer Piano iconoclast ELEW is making a substantial impression on the music world with a thunderous new style of playing: an inspired melding of ragtime, rock and pop that he calls Rockjazz. ELEW has toured the world, recorded, and performed continuously with Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Elvin Jones, Roy Hargrove, and Cassandra Wilson, among others. He won the 1999 Thelonious Monk International Piano Competition, his mesmerizing piano theatrics even then hinting at the new musical paradigm he would one day create. He has scored Pete Chatmon’s features “Premium” and “761st” among other films. BLACKCARD | A PETE CHATMON PICTURE MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS CHALLENGES blackcardfilm.com
  11. 11 Production Stills Pete Chatmon directs the talent Scenes 4,

    8, 10, and 12 Malikha Mallette and April Matthis as Agents Fields & Winters Ready for the first shot Pete Chatmon and Dylan Verrechia discuss the frame Scene 8 rolls before the camera From script to shooting script BLACKCARD | A PETE CHATMON PICTURE MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS CHALLENGES blackcardfilm.com
  12. 12 Behind The Scenes Click Image to Play OR Visit

    the Links Snippet 6: The Blocking of Scene 7 ! https://vimeo.com/114700692 Videos BLACKCARD | A PETE CHATMON PICTURE MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS CHALLENGES Snippet 10: Composing the Score! https://vimeo.com/120816820 Snippet 9: Scenes from Day 1 and Day 2! https://vimeo.com/118372963 We have a series of behind-the-scenes videos documenting the journey of bringing to the screen. ! Visit the Vimeo Album for all of the snippets. BLACKCARD VIMEO ALBUM: https://vimeo.com/album/3170049 blackcardfilm.com
  13. 13 Credits THE PLAYERS! Dorian Missick! ! ! Leonard Brown!

    Simone Missick! ! ! Lona Cooke! Hisham Tawfiq! ! ! The Commissioner! Stephen Hill! ! ! Agent Rolle! Erika Myers! ! ! Agent DuPane! Malikha Mallette! ! ! Deputy Ramona Fields! April Matthis! ! ! Agent Charlene Winters! Valence Thomas! ! ! DuVay Jenkins! Michael Markham! ! ! Lance Vanderbilt! Vladimir Versailles!! ! Commission Agent! Nasser Metcalfe! ! ! Commission Agent! ! ! THE FILMMAKERS! Pete Chatmon ! ! ! Director, Executive Producer! Tony Patrick! ! ! Writer, Producer! Christina DeHaven!! ! Producer! Dorian Missick! ! ! Producer! Dylan Verrechia! ! ! Cinematographer, Producer! ELEW! ! ! ! Composer, Producer! Drew Renard Droege! ! Production Designer! Tysha Ampadu! ! ! Costume Designer! Kim Miille! ! ! Editor! Sam Miille! ! ! Sound Designer! Casting! ! ! ! The Double7 Squad! Peter Hart! ! ! Assistant Director! Jeff Clanet! ! ! Assistant Camera! Joel Kingsbury! ! ! Gaffer! Pierson Andreas! ! ! Gaffer, 1st AC! Nikola Chappelle! ! ! Sound Mixer! Michael Louis Gordon! ! Additional Sound Mixing! Chuck Brownley! ! ! Boom Operator! Tamara Delbridge! ! ! Key Hair & Make-Up! Megan Johnson! ! ! Hair & Make-Up! Ben Dewey! ! ! Colorist! Jonathan Fang! ! ! Foley Artist! Dennis Hu! ! ! Sound Editor | Mixer! Tony Patrick! ! ! Podcast Voice | Podcast Writer! April Matthis! ! ! Voice of the Agent in the Earpiece! Lobo Jones Photography! ! Title Portraits! ! Jean Claude Billmaier ! ! Title Design & Motion Graphics! ! Isik Kavuzlu! ! ! Graphic Designer! Gabriel Clermont! ! ! Location Manager! Steve Schioppo! ! ! Key Set PA! Rachel Velasquez! ! ! PA THE FILMMAKERS [cont’d]! Down and Dirty DV! ! Behind The Scenes! Gary St. Clare! ! ! Film Poster! Matt McDonough! ! ! Insurance! Arts & Entertainment Insurance! ! Hertz Entertainment Services! ! Transportation! Verrechia Films! ! ! RED Epic Camera & Arri Lenses! Adobe Premiere Pro CC! ! Editing! DaVinci Resolve! ! ! Color Correction! Pro Tools!! ! ! Sound Design! ! ! MUSIC! ELEW! ! ! ! Piano! Obed Calvaire! ! ! Drums! Shin Sakaino! ! ! Bass! Euphoria Productions! ! Recording Studio! ! ! SPECIAL THANKS! The Chatmon Family! ! ! Jill Hubbard! Jamall & Hendrix Troupe! ! ! Eric Van’t Zelfden! Anthony Q. Artis! ! ! ! Teneshia Warner! Allison Rhone! ! ! ! Mike Warner! Egami Consulting! ! ! ! NYU | Tisch School of the Arts! NYU Production Center ! ! ! Rosanne Limoncelli! Marabigo!! ! ! ! Mad Mille Productions! Chigozie Onyema! ! ! ! Sheril Antonio! Brandon Burgess! ! ! ! In’Kosi Cafe! Movin’ On Up Films, LLC! ! ! Wayne McElroy! ! ! Tenealle Santillon! ! ! ! Gigi Dement! David Schoner | NJ Film Commission! ! Brenda Jones! Sgt. Pedro Caetono, Newark Police Dept.! City of Newark, NJ! Lt. Purcell, Newark Police Department! ! Alexander Call! Tahir Jetter! ! ! ! Jim Guzzi | Gotham Sound! Aeraj Qazi | Sunny Limousine Company! Erica Watson! Marcy Duvert! ! ! ! Nedra McClyde! Edward Gordon Berra! ! ! Raqeeb & Seni Green! Eva Woolridge! ! ! ! Nefertiti Jones! Darik Bernard! ! ! ! Jocelyn Jacobs! Khalid Semper! ! ! ! Jarred Solomon! Meah Pace! ! ! ! Clive Salmon! ! ! ! ! VERY SPECIAL THANKS! Novella Nelson BLACKCARD | A PETE CHATMON PICTURE MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS CHALLENGES blackcardfilm.com
  14. 14 Production Company Double7 Images (D7I) is a full service

    Media + Marketing Collective in NYC. Recent film projects include the romantic- comedy “PREMIUM” (Showtime Networks), starring Dorian Missick (“Annie”, “Better Call Saul”, “SouthLAnd”), Zoe Saldana (“Avatar”, “Star Trek”), and Hill Harper (“CSI: NY”, “He Got Game”), as well as the feature documentary “761st”, about the first black tank battalion in WWII, narrated by Emmy-Award winning actor Andre Braugher. ! ! D7I's work has screened at over 40 acclaimed festivals around the world, including the Sundance Film Festival, won awards at the Tribeca Film Festival, and been well received by critics, bloggers, and audiences alike. ! ! D7I's commercials and music videos have played on BET and VH1 as well as generated millions of hits on YouTube and other social media platforms. The company has been recognized by Fox Business Channel for its video campaigns and profiled by MTV for its innovative approach in conquering the changing digital landscape. d7i.co “Premium” “761st” “$FREE.99”! Winner Creative Promise! Award, Tribeca All Access! 2008 Nationwide Tour Producing ! Real-Time Video Content ! for Social Media Vespa 946 Global Launch ! at Bulgari NYC BLACKCARD | A PETE CHATMON PICTURE MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS CHALLENGES blackcardfilm.com
  15. Contact Pete Chatmon! Director | Executive Producer! [email protected]! 973.420.7294 Double7

    Images! 300 Communipaw Avenue! Suite 162! Jersey City, New Jersey 07304 / blackcardmovie BLACKCARD | A PETE CHATMON PICTURE MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS CHALLENGES / blackcardmovie blackcardfilm.com