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Double7 Images | Service Book

January 01, 2015

Double7 Images | Service Book

Double7 Images is a Media + Marketing Collective in NYC led by award-winning filmmaker and creative director Pete Chatmon.

We want to make awesome videos for you and share them with the world.



January 01, 2015


  1. We want to make awesome videos for you and share

    them with the world. Media + Marketing SERVICE BOOK
  2. Our award-winning, multi-platform experience as storytellers separates us from the

    competition. Plus, we’re fun to work with. How do you raise $500K to produce a film that everyone loves, but no one wants to finance? That was the question posed by our first project “Premium”. We decided to write a check on our own account called “creative hustle”, designed proposals and newsletters, produced short films, commercials, and marketing videos, staged live events, and appealed to our community for support. Creativity collided with commerce as we identified our competitive edge — communicating to any audience. This is what we offer to you. PHILOSOPHY DOUBLE7 IMAGES Pete Chatmon Creative Director A camera is a camera until you put it in the hands of an artist. If you’re serious about your brand, you value the experience and e x e c u t i o n o f e x p e r t s . O u r c re a t i v e collaboration ensures that by the time we grab our tools, the blueprint of your story has been designed to engage your audience in the most entertaining and effective way possible. You keep doing what you’ve done to get to this point. We’ll be your partner in the journey to the next level. MISSION SERVICES ✴ PREMIUM VIDEO CONTENT ✴ SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS ✴ STORYTELLING STRATEGIES Putting Story First is our promise. Tell us who you are and we’ll tell the tale. To create compelling content of the highest quality at the most affordable price. The Double7 Squad Creative Collective CLIENTS 2
  3. 3 PRODUCTION SERVICES Whether you need a single piece of

    content or you’re looking for a suite of videos to populate a Social Media Campaign, our Premium Video Content is the next level of storytelling. Anyone can make something look good with today’s technology, but the ability to craft a story and connect with your audience demands more than equipment. ! ! It requires know-how. *Our Services Include: ✴ Branded Content (Narrative, Documentary) ✴ Commercials, Music Videos ✴ Narrative Films (Short, Feature, Episodic) ✴ Documentaries (Short, Feature, Episodic) ✴ Event Videos ✴ Wedding Films ✴ NYC, LA, ATL, MIA, CHI, Production Hubs+ Oprah’s “The Life You Want Tour” Tide “Countdown to Fashion Week” Porsche “911 x 7” Series
  4. If, by chance, you haven’t come to D7I for our

    turnkey production services, we can guide the post-production of your project and protect the integrity of your concept while taking it to new levels. 4 POST-PRODUCTION SERVICES *Our Services Include: ✴ Editorial ✴ Post-Production Supervision ✴ Color Correction ✴ Titles ✴ Sound Design, Sound Mixing ✴ Animation, Motion Design, Graphics ✴ Music Composition Vespa’s 946 Global Launch @ Bulgari NYC The Salvation Army Hurricane Sandy Response Walmart “Road to Bentonville”
  5. *Double7 Squad Camera Selection: ✴ RED Epic-X Dragon ✴ Canon

    C300 ✴ Canon C100 w/Atomos Ninja Blade Recorder ✴ GoPro Hero ✴ DSLR Cameras (Canon, Sony, Nikon) ✴ 16mm Film Cameras ✴ Canon 814 Super 8mm Film Camera We offer a variety of HD Video and Film Camera rentals, including the industry leading RED Epic-X Dragon (shooting in 6K). 5 RENT AL SERVICES Red Epic-X Dragon Canon C300 Canon C100 w/Ninja Blade Additional cameras available through our vendor relationships
  6. *Bravo Studios: ✴ (2) Midtown Locations [West 27th & West

    28th Streets] ✴ (3) Studios [35’x35’, 20’x30’, 40’x30’] ✴ Pre-lit studios ✴ Wifi ✴ Make-Up Room ✴ Craft Services Kitchen ✴ Stage Manager ✴ Production Computer w/Printer We have partnered with the premiere soundstage in NYC for client shoots requiring professional studio services. 6 STUDIO SERVICES
  7. OUR WORK 7 *Double7 Images Sizzle Reel Various examples of

    social media campaigns & other premium video content. [ Click Image to Play ]
  8. [email protected] | d7i.co | 973.420.7294 Studio Address! Double7 Images c/o

    Bravo Studios! 40 West 27th Street, 2nd Floor! New York, NY 10001 USA Mailing Address! Double7 Images! 300 Communipaw Avenue, Suite 162! Jersey City, NJ 07304 USA * * * We want to make awesome videos for you and share them with the world.