Effective Remote Teams

Effective Remote Teams

Spontaneous presentation at SoCraCan Las Palmas 2018


Danny Preussler

April 13, 2018


  1. 2.

    Our situation, Android team: • 2 in Berlin • 1

    in Sczcecin, 2 Lublin, 1 Wroclaw • 1 dev in New York • 1 QA in Minsk • Scrum Master, PO, QA in New York • Later: more devs from Canada, LA, New York
  2. 5.

    Asychronous communication • Don’t expect answer • Labels in Github

    PR tiny, big, urgent approved, needs_rebase, dont_merge, question, recheck
  3. 6.

    Have a backup plan • If Slack video chat does

    not work, be ready to move to Hangout or Skype. • Be pragmatic and don’t spend too much time in trying to fix the tool.
  4. 7.

    Feel the pain • If larger team in one spot:

    every one needs to work from home once a week!
  5. 9.

    Face to Face meetings • Try to meet every x

    weeks • Give isolated team members a presence in the room! • Remote teams need this investment!
  6. 10.

    Remember the manifesto • Individuals and interactions over processes and

    tools: • Dont rely on specific tool • Be pragmatic • Working software over comprehensive documentation • Don't write specifications that you would not write for a local team.
  7. 11.

    Timezones • Split morning standups • Document decisions • Don’t

    delay what you would not delay without i.e. PRs • Might be hard to follow up on Slack • Split teams • Trust