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Presentation Skills for Programmers - Aug 2018

Presentation Skills for Programmers - Aug 2018

Programmers have great ideas, but for many, getting up in front of a group of people to share them feels a bit terrifying.
In this talk we will discuss how to sort through ideas to determine "is this a good idea for a presentation?", how to reduce nervousness, minimize distractions for your audience, and consider preparation steps you can take to ensure your message is communicated effectively.
You can begin applying skills you learn here immediately!

For more public speaking tips come find me on Twitter: @pickypresenter


Chris Brown

August 31, 2018


  1. Presentation Skills 
 for Programmers Chris Brown Twitter: @drbytezc Github:

  2. Who Am I? • Open Source developer 15 yrs •

    Cofounder Zen Cart e-commerce platform • Package Maintainer for 
 Spatie Laravel-Permissions pkg • Public Speaking Coach
  3. You

  4. Take-Aways Something for every skill level: • validate your idea

    or topic • reduce your nervousness • break down fears • cut distractive behavior • connect better with your audience
  5. Is My Idea Suitable? • Colleagues • Meetup/User-Group Organizers •

    Other speakers/presenters
  6. comprehenSSSion • Simple words (they're sorting) • Slow down +

    Pause (they're filing) • Speak to the back (they're listening)
  7. Distracting the Audience •Um (catch yourself), •Fidgeting (put it down,

    let go) •Wandering 
 (plant feet, squeeze toes)
  8. Content •Let's talk about some tips for doing live coding

  9. None
  10. None
  11. None
  12. Take-aways • You can do it! • Validate the idea

    • Slow down • Fillers: Um/So/Ah • Wandering/Fidgeting • Slides - Simple Some Resources @CalEvans toastmasters.org
  13. @drbytezc tmchrisb@gmail.com Book a speaking consultation at https://chris.bookafy.com