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Art + Politics 2019

April 16, 2024

Art + Politics 2019


April 16, 2024


  1. ART + POLITICS: RELIEF CLASS Fall 2019 ASSIGNMENT Students enrolled

    in Relief Printmaking ART 3443C and ART4445C develop a large-scale woodblock to print during Blocktoberfest, a yearly collaboration with FSCJ. Students learn how to discuss current issues, sometimes not agreeing with each other but always respecting one another. During approximately eight weeks, students work on: • Choosing a current theme that they are passionate about. • Writing a manifesto, a call to action, to a contemporary issue that needs to change. • Developing sketches and a graphic narrative. • Transferring drawings and carve imagery on a 4ft by 8 ft MDS woodblock One day before Blocktoberfest, students load the large blocks on a rental truck and transport them to FSJC. Students are responsible to: • Inking the woodblocks with a heavy coat of ink before the actual printing day • Arriving early to the Blocktoberfest event to set up stations • Organizing inking crew (dirty hands) and printing crew (clean hands). • Working collaboratively with peers from both institutions. • Cleaning up at the end of the day. • Document the event and professionally document their final print. This collaborative event allows our students to work with each other and students from another institution. They learn about how powerful collaborations are and how artists must work as a community to thrive.
  2. Allison Archey Lalaine Garcia Anderson Goncalves Erin Diglio Deja Echols

    Dacary Venable Anastasiya Vlasova Aliya Gordon Jordyn Peterson Monik Mercurio Connor Piffath Eboni Maye Alexandra Von Genk Mackenzie Hey ART + POLITICS: RELIEF CLASS Fall 2019 Participating Students
  3. Ascension Allison Archey The world is coming to an end—literally.

    The environment we live in is nearing the point of no return due to our reckless production of single-use products, high consumption of meat, and abuse of finite, pollutive resources like fossil fuels. Some call it Global Warming, others Climate Change; regardless of its name, it is real, and it will be the death of life on Earth. The hungry jaws of consumeristic greed have led to a culture that lives on convenience— regardless of who or what it hurts. Pure greed and ignorance have caused forests in Amazonia and Russia to go up in flames, thus killing our oxygen supply and polluting what we have left. Even recycling is not enough since the waste so often ends up in the ocean and kills the population of aquatic life that hasn’t yet been overfished. Now is the time to act; however, you can: • Donate to projects focused on planting trees—this will clean the air • Reduce your meat intake—this lessens water use and methane from cattle • Reduce, reuse, recycle—or don’t buy single-use plastic containers • Vote—write to your representatives about the climate crisis • Fly less—flying has a massive impact on your carbon footprint • Spread the word—just telling others about the crisis will make an impact • More—go online to find out what to do to save the planet
  4. Money is a huge factor in the lives of individuals

    and families—an element of survival. However, in the past (and present), it has become key to distinguish the lower, middle, and upper-class statuses. Throughout the country’s history, the uneven distribution of money has become one of the biggest problems for the lower-class. Since funds are not equally earned, this system makes it extremely difficult for the poor to provide food, shelter, education, and healthcare for themselves and their families. Although the financial struggle for millions of people in the U.S. are common, awareness is not widespread enough, and the efforts to help these people must continue. • Donate to local shelters and food banks as much as possible to support these families • Donate money to fundraisers that give directly to struggling families and individuals • Support the growth of public schools and accessibility to free education • Support free and accessible healthcare for everyone across the U.S. and beyond the country The Financial Imbalance Lalaine Garcia
  5. The continent of Africa has been colonized and divided multiple

    times. To this day, countries are still run by puppet governments who would instead enforce the unjust laws that their dictators command than represent their people. Angola, formerly a Portuguese colony, was used to farm and trade cocoa beans—a huge commodity at the time. At the end of Portugal’s ownership, a president favored by them gained power; this angered the other candidates who better represented the citizens. Colonization not only changes the languages spoken by countries but also alters the culture. The economy is finally starting to recover with the distribution of oil. There are still countries who have been set back because of colonization, and I want people to do their research and see how many countries are still dealing with these issues. Much like Angola, other countries can bounce back with your help. • Getting involved with the community and teaching trades and jobs will potentially stimulate the economy by broadening youths’ mind • If you want to contribute, donate more food and clothing rather than money • Raising awareness of exploitation is the best way to inform more people to take action. Mother Anderson Goncalves
  6. I am committed to eliminating the abundance of fake news

    and conspiracy theories from the realm of local and global news sources and online message boards aimed to misinform the public. These stories are not only establishing things that are blatantly false as fact but are also endangering entire populations as well as individuals that are the focus of these theories. I am dedicated to helping unite our fragmented society from the onslaught of over-hyped media stories and establishing a more educated and unified world. Join me on this mission of developing guidelines, not only for news sources but also ourselves, and start to repair the damage done by fake news and conspiracy theories on the psyche of all those around you. Take a stand for logic and respect. • Hold entities and people responsible for knowingly circulating false claims and wild stories that are meant to segregate us intentionally. • Charge unreliable sources who are spreading untested medical theories as fact and endangering the lives and well-being of our population at large. • Educate all of the generations on the importance of scholarly sources and the differences between opinion and fact. • Hold elected officials liable for slander and outright self-serving lies and make sure they are more well-informed on their impact on the common good. Reddit News Erin Diglio
  7. Every day I wake up with the thought that my

    brother or any of my younger siblings could be the next black bodies to be claimed by police brutality. Each day a black body is taken, and each day my fear grows stronger. On October 19th of this year, my brother, Cory Echols Jr., turned eighteen. Turning eighteen is an important milestone in American culture. Legally you are seen as an adult. With adulthood comes adult issues, adult charges, and adult consequences. In the black community, turning eighteen becomes a bigger target on your chest. • I should not fear for my brother’s life every time he steps out the front door. • I should not fear that his name will be across everyone’s t-shirt in bold: “Remember His Name,” “Cory Echols Jr.,” “Taken Too Soon.” • I should not have to explain his full resume of how he was an academic scholar and played the bass in chamber orchestra to justify that he is a worthy member of society. • I will not stand aside while yet another black individual is martyred. Black Bodies Deja Echols
  8. I believe words are as important as breathing in a

    world where information is not withheld, twisted, and cut up into pieces. The forest is burning—no one knows about it. Acres of forest in Siberia were burning for a week before the media released information. People are dying—no one knows about it. Khachaturian sisters defend themselves and are being prosecuted; information from years of domestic abuse is being withheld. I believe women's abused bodies and minds are as relevant as burning forests. If you see something, speak up. If you feel something is wrong, speak up. I believe it is essential to talk to each other to share your views, concerns, ideas, and happy moments. Sometimes we hold our words in like we hold our breath. We deny the change, refusing to believe things are changing. We are refusing to speak to protect others or ourselves. We are choking on our words. • Start with yourself. Speak up. • We must share truthful words. • I demand you to speak up. • I am begging you to exhale those words. Exhale Anastasiya Vlasova
  9. With our level of consciousness, we must look within to

    understand ourselves on an intimate level. We are wells of different experiences, personal experiences. It is inside ourselves that we build a foundation for the reception of knowledge. We are navigating through a society that is continually changing and evolving. We are constantly flooded with information from past generations. Be open. Share your knowledge. Be abundant and generous with the knowledge that you have. • Look within. Be aware of the abundance of unique expertise and experience you hold. • Understand the world outside of you. Seek to be able to understand and embrace the society you belong to. • Exchange knowledge and ideas. Freely embrace information that is being imparted on you and embrace opportunities to give information to others. • Let it flow and overflow. The Flow and Overflow Aliya Gordon
  10. The world we live in today is a blind world.

    Everywhere we go in this day and age is littered with technology. We use these advancements as an attempt to make things easier for us. However, as time goes on, more and more technologies are developed, so much so that it seems that we no longer use it to aid us, but we rely on it. Technology is beginning to make us; it is who we could become. We need to slow down; a better society doesn’t mean completely stopping the development of technology, but taking it slower Life can pass by when your nose is in your phone—and you miss the experience of living it, except through a screen • Don’t sacrifice physical health for the mental health of a screen • Through technology, there is a loss of the control of oneself • Don’t be ignorant about the progression of a growing problem Technological Warfare Jordyn Peterson

    age where society is led by deceived feelings of safety fueled by a “not my problem” mentality. Those who seek refuge behind newspaper facades allow for sensationalized shields to hide their faces. Not only are high profile socialites blinded by wishes made upon paparazzi’s fading star, but news corporations take advantage of its readers. For they never fully share the truth and ask for paid subscriptions to brainwash people with nonsense. WE WILL NOT BE DEFINED BY SOCIAL SOLICITATION OR BEGUILED BY LURID STORIES. We must discuss the real issues that are plaguing our culture, environment, and individual mentality. We must speak for those whose voices are silenced while attempting to bring upon the knowledge that many hide from in fear. Though we speak different languages, we occupy the same message. Mere public ratings and empty promises will not put an end to starvation, poverty, or war. WE MUST LEARN TO THINK DEEPLY AND ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS. Predators of modern society disguise themselves as “good neighbors.” They hide the knowledge of the past to gain complete control of the public’s voice and, therefore, their future. Only when tragedy strikes will conversation arise, crises become a reality when solutions are being ignored. • Be fearless and outspoken. We need to create conversations and reveal what is going on behind the curtains. • Always cautiously listen. We need to take news reports with a grain of salt and perform our research on the matter. • Take meaningful actions. The change will not happen if there is no motivation to strive for a better, more wholesome life. • Once these have been taken, only then can we bring an end to our (un)breaking news report. Predators Below the Shore Monik Mercurio
  12. Black hair has been a controversial subject and is usually

    pushed aside and belittled. The wording of it “just being hair” has been said many times in my experience. Everyone is unique and has lived a different path in life. We might have similar experiences, but overall, we are different. The topic of what hairstyles are acceptable in academic, work, casual environments can get confusing. The debate of society trying to force the black community to conform to what is reasonable to them can lead to insecurity, bitterness, and a strained relationship between the identities of black males and females in America. We, the black community, should not be afraid to talk, but be able to understand the negatives and positives of the problems facing black hair We, the black community, should realize that whether we have hair that is straight, kinky, nonexistent, etc.—overall our identity is what we want it to be We shouldn’t send mixed messages of loving yourself when society has limits on how much of yourself you should show to the public The debate of what is “good” hair and what is “bad” hair shouldn’t be a debate; the word “nappy” has been used too much in the black community. Keep an open mind and treat people with respect; if we try to meet somewhere, the problem has a chance to improve. Being black does not make you strange, so don’t let anyone make you feel like you are wrong in wearing whatever hairstyle you want, as it is what you do to keep and manage your appearance. Identity Eboni Maye
  13. Our demons chase us every day, sometimes hindering us from

    completing mundane tasks and living life. This struggle often causes some to view those who suffer as unproductive members of society when realistically, they are doing the best they can. Mental illness awareness is critical, especially in this age, where so many people feel unsafe in their skin. Something that seems as simple as communicating with others can be an anxiety- ridden venture into society. Our demons decide how we perceive and act in every situation, and it is near impossible to silence them. • Be aware you are not alone • Get help from people you trust, the community, and professionals • Help the ones suffering around you by letting them know you’re there for them • Treat everyone with kindness—you don’t know what they’re going through • Help those suffering find help; some don’t have the strength to reach out Grip Connor Piffath
  14. Every day we learn new information about mental health, but

    there are still people perpetuating stigmas towards the mentally ill. It is a silent killer, and it’s crucial to understand and be empathetic towards those who are struggling. We need to create more awareness about mental illnesses with stigmas. With dangerous ideologies, we are creating a narrative that people with mental disorders are unsafe and unstable. We must nurture and rehabilitate them rather than punish or incarcerate people with mental health issues. Checking in on those who are in crisis, as well as those who seem fine, is key. Reaching out can not only help save a life but also help someone too afraid to speak up. They are not violent; they are not evil and are not crazy; they are just trying to stay afloat with emotional baggage and burdens tearing in their everyday lives. • We must understand the real impact of how ignoring mental health can subject those individuals to discrimination, and how it can hinder them emotionally, physically, socially, and financially. • We must advocate for better access to aid and rehabilitation. When people with mental health issues are struggling and need support immediately, there should be quick actions in the health care system to help; instead, they are in a constant loop of changing diagnoses and jumping from doctor to doctor. • We need to learn that it is okay to talk about our mental health, as it is just as important and valid as any other physical illness or disability. The Wolves will Claw and They will Bite Alexandra Von Genk
  15. I have both witnessed and experienced the results of keeping

    emotions bottled up. It is both a disservice to you and those around you and disruptive to your mental health. It is like picking a dirty fork up off the ground and refusing to clean it before you eat. The proper thing to do is find a safe and healthy way to release these negative emotions; only then can you move forward. Talk to your loved ones often Express how you truly feel and you’ll find it does no harm Be more aware of your feelings; share them, and you will receive reassurance and a clear mind in exchange Everybody has a different tolerance level when it comes to stress, but we should all have the same level of empathy for one another. Stress can cause people to act out of character, and when that happens, the people surrounding them may talk down to that person or even alienate them—this can only lead to more negativity. Sometimes it’s not about what you say, but how you say it. • Never ask a person what’s wrong with them; instead, ask them if something may be bothering them • If that person chooses to open up to you, return the favor and be as open and transparent with them as possible • If you are asked for advice, say what needs to be told and not what is desired to be heard • No tragedy can disrupt the balance of life. How you choose to carry on is up to you. The Healer’s Bargain Dacary Venable
  16. Impact Mackenzie Hey Every day we learn new information about

    mental health, but there are still people perpetuating stigmas towards the mentally ill. It is a silent killer, and it’s crucial to understand and be empathetic towards those who are struggling. We need to create more awareness about mental illnesses with stigmas. With dangerous ideologies, we are creating a narrative that people with mental disorders are unsafe and unstable. Civilization’s impact on the environment is becoming increasingly negative. The advancements of humanity have left visible repercussions and effects on the world and are becoming progressively more epidemic for life on earth—beyond humankind. The oil industry fuels most everyday needs that first-world societies have come to expect. We abuse the ecosystem through actions such as oil spills, pollution, ecological imbalances, and making by-products from oil drilling. Deforestation has become precedent enough to leave a visible impact on the planet and has led to the destruction of habitats of endangered animals. Forest fires are also responsible for increased pollution within the air and have sped up global warming. Future generations will face a depleted planet with no chance of recovery. Together, we must: • Find alternatives to oil and make them available to society • Attempt to reverse the damage caused by pollution • End deforestation take steps to recover from the damages caused • Seek ways to change the abuse placed upon the world rather than another world to abuse
  17. PROCESS This is a visual Documentation of UNF Printmaking students

    printing large-scale woodblocks during the Fall 2019. UNF students ink large-scale blocks alongside FSCJ students, and prints are transferred to fabric using a steamroller during the Annual Blocktoberfest. The collaborative printing event was held on the Florida State College Jacksonville (FSCJ) campus on October 25, 2019.
  18. BLOCKTOBERFEST Friday, October 25, 2019 Join us for our 11th

    Annual Steamroller Extravaganza, a collaboration between FSCJ and UNF! 
 Thursday 10/24
 Gallery opening at FSCJ South Gallery 
 at the Wilson Center for the arts. Blocktoberfest Retrospective . Friday 10/25
 Steamroller Extravaganza! Full day of printing giant 4ft x 8ft woodcuts Event is open to the public from noon to sunset at the FSCJ M3 parking lot. More info: [email protected]
  19. I