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Art + Politics 2023

April 16, 2024

Art + Politics 2023


April 16, 2024


  1. Passion Process in Pain and Pleasure Deo Elyon Agnila Art

    imitates life; in life, people have both GOOD and BAD experiences, which are determined by one another, as each side tries to overpower the other. While there can be more pleasurable than painful days occasionally, the opposite can be just as accurate. To be genuinely PASSIONATE about your art, PAIN, and PLEASURE must be present. To LOVE your work, there must be a time when you HATE it. CREATE more than you can fathom, BREAK your own set expectations. GO beyond your limits, STOP limiting yourself within your boundaries. IMMERSE yourself into your creation, IGNORE the distractions. BUILD confidence in what you create, DESTROY insecurities and insignificance. SHATTER every RESTRAINT that has been holding you back... ...So that you will see your PASSION in its ENTIRETY.
  2. Thoughts and Prayers Rachel Brown Day after day, communities face

    acts of violence at the hands of perpetrators with firearms. Places like schools, religious institutions, and all public social gatherings are at an all-time high risk of terror. Families and neighborhoods are being ripped apart through loss, but in dealing with grief, we are brought together as humans. It is not wrong to be angry; as a society, we are in constant fear of being murdered at the hands of someone with a gun, and this isn't normal. We must unite within our communities to overcome the tyranny of conservative politicians who have no concern for public safety and address the interdependence of gun ownership and American culture. We must ban semi-automatic weapons. Enforce gun safety laws and keep children away from firearms. Remove firearms from unsafe people, and do not pass bills that allow citizens to carry concealed weapons without a permit. Hold the gun industry accountable and support responsible gun dealers. Require mandatory training and licensing for gun ownership. Provide trauma support for victims of gun violence and their families. Invest in mental health and wellness within communities. If you see something, say something.
  3. Digital Vice
 Clover Henri Wake Up! You’re stuck on the

    interweb doom scroll. Look at yourself in the mirror instead of a camera. Stop trying to escape your life by following a character or influencer. One more swipe will be another “one more swipe.” You find yourself trapped in a cycle within the digital interface, hooked on artificial happiness and fractured connection. You’re a prisoner to your notification sound. You’re told when to feed (charge) your precious phone, and you obey. You haven’t even realized you developed these habits: quick hits of dopamine and shortened attention span. You’re just another sheep mindlessly being guided by the herd. Escapism is the wolf’s disguise. Take back your control. You have the liberty to take a break Give yourself a minute to breathe Stretch Take a moment to grab some water You are in control
  4. Interfacing Reality Joel Meharg Society is a whole. Everyone is

    living in what could be called harmony, in one world, time moving simultaneously. But, in reality, the worlds you and I live in seem to differ, contradict, refute, rebut, challenge, and fly in the face of one another. We see facts differently; a fog covers what could be considered the truth, a fog called bias, emotions, headlines, and talking heads. The world has become one of opinion; the truth is now null, void in people's minds, and uncalled for in society. First, WE MUST have an open dialogue. Second, WE MUST empathize with the thoughts of others. Third, WE MUST seek a middle ground. Fourth, WE MUST find the truth. Fifth, WE MUST look to the future, not the now.
  5. Generational Addiction Connor Piffath Addiction is and always will be

    a plague on the human race. The never- ending cycle is unbreakable because we either can’t or don’t want to break it. It doesn’t matter if it hurts your loved ones, ruins your life, or kills you. We can’t stop. It was designed this way. Our generation repeats the sins of our fathers, but how much of it is our fault? We need to acknowledge who is being targeted. We need to identify how they are being preyed on. We need to hold the sources accountable. We need to remember that it shouldn’t take government intervention and prohibition to end this. We need to help each other.
  6. I can't find my Flow Grace Pulak I long for

    a return to nature. There is so much good and evil. Nature and the way humanity is so destructive. Nature tells me to live one way, but society forces me to drive my car to school daily. I want to swim in waterfalls and explore the mountains, but I should get a degree first. But the waterfalls and mountains may not be there in a few years or just be covered in trash. I want to be one with the creatures, but we are so good at killing and torturing them. It is a push and pull and the duality of participating in a world that feels unnatural to me only to get to a sustainable way of life that feels true. I listen to the earth, but I cannot hear the man.
  7. We, The People Valeria Romo In our interconnected world, where

    borders threaten to divide us. It's time to embrace the values that drive nations forward: Build Bridges, Not Walls: Reject creating borders to divide. Make an effort to build connections that promote unity beyond geographic boundaries. Celebrate Diversity: Our strength lies in diverse cultures and perspectives. Let's celebrate the richness of human diversity, weaving a vibrant tapestry that unites us all. Extend Empathy: Show compassion and inclusivity toward immigrants. Their distinct contributions are essential to advancement, creativity, and innovation. Equal Opportunities for All: Advocate for a world where merit and potential are the sole determinants of success. Regardless of origin, let's judge individuals based on character, abilities, and aspirations. Like the Monarch butterfly, advocate for the freedom of movement and the pursuit of dreams. Everyone deserves the right to explore new horizons and follow their aspirations with determination and hope.
  8. Reconnect and Rebuild 
 Keila Smith She calls to us,

    warns us, gives us every sign under the sun, yet we do not listen. To live in our modern world, we forget who she is. We shun her, abuse her, mock her, yet we forget that she gives us the very ground we stand on, as well as the food in our bellies, the water in our glass, and frames for our homes. We’ve cut ties with her to survive in a world made by man. We’ve been taught that we are separate from her because we’ve been born into a system that benefits from our vulnerability. It feeds off our lack of resources, our desperation, and our desire. This is not how we are meant to live. Mother nature is around us and within us, we are part of her. To survive, we must yield to her seasons. We must… RECONNECT to each other and the natural world. DISMANTLE old, outdated systems. UPLIFT people of all walks of life REBUILD society with new systems that benefit the masses and the natural world. We must reconnect to our source before the bridges are burned. If the powers in place will not take the action needed, the masses will. Our lives— our world— depends on it.
  9. Roots
 Ethan Stefonek I live as myself, ever fading into

    the dark of my mind. The pain, the sound, and the loneliness are ever-growing, slowly consuming me. I live alone, as myself, with no one to understand the intricacies of my mind, my pain, my experience. As I live and learn, I know that I will never truly be alone, that no one will ever indeed be alone. As the darkness inside grows, so does the light, hope, and life for living. We live together and are together; thus, the flame will never die out. WE can never be the same, sharing different experiences and living separate lives, none ever repeated. WE suffer differently, grieve differently, celebrate differently, and live differently. WE suffer together, grieve together, celebrate together, and live together. WE are individuals, no less and no more than those around us, equal in importance. WE can never be the same, but we are together.
  10. Big Greed
 Victoria Wellons There is no time to waste.

    Far too many lives have already been lost. I am here to spread awareness about the corruption that has taken control of one of the most powerful industries in the world. Much of the pharmaceutical industry, “Big Pharma,” has been infiltrated by Greed. As a result, many pharmaceutical companies have acted in sinister ways to gain money and power. These companies have caused hundreds of thousands of lives to be lost or ruined. They show no remorse for the devastating effects of their Greed. It is now our job to pick up the pieces. We must put a stop to Big Pharma’s role as one of the most powerful yet corrupt industries in the world. We must educate the public on the brainwashing that takes place to prevent them from falling for Big Pharma’s tactics. We must provide support and aid for victims who have developed addictions as a result of Big Pharma’s actions. We must put an end to these tragedies immediately.
  11. A World Built by Greed Ellie Bowman
 Our world

    is burning to death. Corporations laugh as another billion lines their pockets and they strike another match. Isn’t there anything that you and I can do?
  12. The Devil Haliegh Canaday
 There have been many nicknames

    for Florida’s current governor Ron DeSantis, and the devil is one. The tarot card ‘The Devil’ card was used to bring to light the feelings of living in fear, domination, and bondage that DeSantis has brought to Florida. He is taking the voices away from educators and is outright banning certain classes and topics as a whole. This can be seen in the image through the burning books in the background, the chains around the teachers’ necks, and the fact that the teachers have no mouths. The quote used is a line from ‘Fahrenheit 451’ which not only ties in with the theme of burning books, but also criticizes DeSantis for his gun control policies, or lack thereof. There has also been controversy surrounding a removed political ad for DeSantis that used Nazi symbols and imagery. So one of the symbols used in the ad was included in the top border of the image to be a permanent reminder of the use of the symbol in the ad.
  13. The Great American Circus Alex Fonseca "The Great American Circus"

    is a provocative commentary on the political and social spectacle of modern America. With its central figure of Donald Trump portrayed as a circus clown, the artwork invites viewers to reflect on the theatrical nature of contemporary politics. The juxtaposition of a donkey and an elephant, symbolizing the two major political parties, highlights the polarization and chaos within the American political landscape. The shocking imagery of an elephant consuming a woman under the circus tent symbolizes the dehumanizing consequences of power dynamics and the perilous tightrope that society often walks. This artwork challenges viewers to question the state of their nation, urging a critical examination of the circus-like atmosphere that sometimes defines American society.
  14. The War in Ukraine Rondell Leach 
 Manifesto: The war

    in Ukraine is a totalitarian's opportunity to control and dominate several generations of people who don't have the ability to fight off said government. In addition, the world's economy is suffering because of the lack of exported foods from Ukraine. While Russia's oil exports secretly continue to dominate Eastern Europe. The statement made in this representation of the war in Ukraine is that it is more important for the Russian government to export it's oil than it is for families to eat, not only in Ukraine, but the world as a whole.
  15. Free Children Alyssa Parsons "Free Children" is a thought-provoking artwork

    that seeks to draw attention to the vital issue of child safety. Through the juxtaposition of a clown, symbolizing innocence and joy, against a white van containing nefarious icons, the piece challenges us to contemplate the importance of safeguarding our children's well-being. The surrounding park, filled with children at play, reminds us of the need for vigilance and awareness, emphasizing our collective responsibility to ensure that our children grow up in an environment where they can truly be "free." This artwork encourages a dialogue about protecting the innocence of childhood and the significance of nurturing safe spaces for our young ones to thrive.
  16. Maelstrom C. Marcus Smith No Church in The Wild. No

    Rest for The Weary. No Country for Old Men. Our world is unyielding and I am overflowing. Sanguine stained silver linings.