Scaling Mobility

Scaling Mobility

Scaling Mobility @ XING, Apps World Berlin


Alexander Greim

April 23, 2015


  1. Scaling mobility at XING Magith Noohukhan Evangelist at XING @magithn

    Alexander Greim Director Mobile Engineering @iltempo Apps World Berlin 23.04.2015
  2. None
  3. XING member demographics ‣ 6.7 million members in Germany ‣

    0.7 million members in Switzerland ‣ 0.7 million members in Austria As of dec 31, 2014
  4. The overall company

  5. Core businesses Business Units

  6. The group of teams Clusters

  7. They develop core products Dedicated Standing Teams

  8. Once upon a time 2009 2010 2011 The beginning First

    iOS team Our own first mobile developers iOS & Android
  9. The shift in focus 2012 2013 Shift towards native apps

    Android started to grow in terms of traffic Most of the mobile traffic via iPhone The team started growing in parallel Public API beta in the meanwhile
  10. The breakthrough 2014 Today ??? The transformation Scaling


  12. Previously… • Successful web business • Rapid growth of mobile

    usage • Mobile apps were treated as products
  13. Former development process Web Public API Mobile App

  14. [ Image Bottleneck ] “bottleneck” by Jöran Maaswinkel is licensed

    under CC BY 2.0
  15. Mobile is a platform. NOT a product. Our most important

  16. Optimal development process Business Logic Web API / Mobile App

    Public API
  17. How to unleash mobility? • Empower every product team •

    Distribute ownership • Establish a platform team
  18. Empower every product team • Mobile ambassadors • Maintain strong

    relationships • 2 developers per technology
  19. Make sure you hire the right people. Who share the

    same culture and values.
  20. Distribute ownership • Logical split of the application • Introduction

    of UI patterns • Independent development cycles • Release trains
  21. App architecture Configuration / API / Tools UI Patterns Stream

    Jobs Industry News Profile …
  22. Establish a platform team • Central components • Quality control

    • Releases • Automation
  23. Everyone lives and breathes mobile. The right mindset is one

    of the biggest challenges.
  24. Our Brand New iOS App

  25. Presented by… Alexander Greim Director Mobile Engineering @iltempo Magith Noohukhan

    Evangelist at XING @magithn