MVC 1.0 - by Example @ GIDS 2016

MVC 1.0 - by Example @ GIDS 2016

Model-view-controller, or MVC for short, is a common pattern in web frameworks. MVC frameworks can be categorized as action-based or component-based. In a component-based framework, the HTTP requests are grouped and typically handled by framework components with little or no interaction with application code. In an action-based framework, on the other hand, the HTTP requests are routed to controllers and turned into actions by application code.

The Java EE platform does not currently have support for action based MVC, but this is about to change. MVC 1.0, as specified by JSR 371, is targeted for the upcoming Java EE 8 release.

This session provides an introduction to the action-based MVC 1.0 API and will include lots of code samples and tips to where to get started using this awesome technology.



April 28, 2016