Object Recognition with Grassmannian Manifolds

F51da3602a201d3dca41fa924e29b29d?s=47 Will Speak
May 09, 2013

Object Recognition with GrassmannianĀ Manifolds

Final year project presentation for my BEng.

The abstract of the accompanying project report:
"The use of Grassmannian Manifolds has proved a novel solution to the problem of facial recognition. In this project their application to the more general field of object recognition is assessed, a discussion of the existing literature is undertaken, and an example implementation is created. A comparison is made of three different measures of subspace distance: Geodesic, Projection and Binet-Cauchy. A discussion of the process of implementing the algorithm is made. The effectiveness of the implementation is evaluated using the ETH-80 data set. The results are interpreted and the effectiveness of each of the distance measures is assessed."


Will Speak

May 09, 2013