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Common Pitfalls of Jamf Administration and How to Fix Them

November 13, 2019

Common Pitfalls of Jamf Administration and How to Fix Them


November 13, 2019


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    Common Pitfalls of Jamf
    Administration and How to Fix Them
    10:15 - 11:00 AM

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    Matthew Phillips
    Implementation Engineer


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  5. The Struggle is Real
    Most Common Non-Technical Blockers

    • No buy in from upper management

    • Conflict from other teams: infoSec, networking, infrastructure

    • Money / Time / Staff

    • Tradition

    • Misunderstandings

    • Knowledge deficit

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  6. The Struggle is Real
    Blockers come in all shapes and sizes

    • Political Issues

    • Following the mythical “Best Practice”

    • Legacy Workflows

    • Analysis Paralysis

    • No time or place to Test

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  7. Common Pitfalls and how to fix them

    • Get out of that Bind

    • Can we practice “Best Practice”?

    • Help for your Analysis Paralysis

    • Document the documentation documents and document it

    • Imagine the best way

    • Using the tools you have

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    Almost every reason to
    bind a Mac has an
    alternative approach.
    What are you actually
    getting from binding?
    Get out of that Bind

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  9. Get out of that Bind
    “But we need to bind our Macs because…”

    • Certificates! and we use those for WiFi and VPN and stuff.

    • Network Shares and Printers.

    • Off-boarding and termination.

    • GPOs and AD group membership.

    • Consistent password experience.

    • Honestly, we don’t know why.

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    Get out of that Bind
    Azure AD

    Conditional Access
    ADCS Connector JIM

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  11. Can We Practice… “Best Practice”
    Every environment is different.

    • There is no silver bullet

    • Unicorns don’t exist

    • You have to build your own Easy Button

    • Santa Clause Isn’t Real

    • It won’t work Every Single Time. That’s Okay.

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  12. Can We Practice…“Best Practice”
    Pro Tips from our Jamfs in the field:

    • Eliminate redundant effort

    • Less Steps = Less Issues

    • Avoid Shotgun policy triggers

    • Sites are probably for someone else

    • Advanced Search whenever possible

    • Smart Group Abuse

    • Naming. Naming. Naming.

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    Eliminate Redundant Effort
    Do not add the same
    package to multiple
    similar policies.
    Creates trouble and
    more work later.

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    Eliminate Redundant Effort
    DO: reference the main
    installation policy by
    using the custom trigger
    name: install_chrome
    Scope and frequency is
    controlled by each policy.

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  15. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Less Steps = Less to go Wrong
    Hey Rube Goldberg…
    Uh, It didn’t work‽
    Clever policy chains are risky.
    Script it whenever possible.
    No shame in having Hundreds
    of policies if organized.

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  16. Shotgun Policy Triggers
    Usually its best to pick just One Trigger

    • “Why did that policy run?”

    • Custom triggers are powerful

    • To many triggers looses control

    • Scripting allows for full control

    • Move past “once per computer”

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  17. Sites are probably for someone else
    Very few cases where it is helpful

    • Sites should be reserved for multiple
    distinct admin groups.

    • Used when different devices are managed
    separately in very different ways.

    • Meant to make things easier not to make
    more work for the jamf admin.

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  18. Advanced Search - Hero. Friend.
    Do This.

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  19. Advanced Search whenever possible
    • Doesn't Calculate until time of viewing

    • Not for scope, just metrics

    • No Excess Server Load

    • Great for reporting!

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  20. Smart Group Abuse
    Constantly being Calculated

    • IS installed vs IS NOT installed

    • Too Many Criteria

    • Nested Groups in Nested Groups in Nested Groups…

    • Name it what it Does not what its For

    • Naming is so very important

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  21. Whats in a Name?
    You decide. But please, Stick to it.

    • Be Specific. Be Accurate.

    • Little notes to Future You. ~Thanks Past Me.

    • Avoid naming TEST, Working, DONT DELETE ME

    • Stop with OLD, Disabled, DO NOT USE.

    • Clean House. Now is always the time.

    • Document the Naming Scheme!!!

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  22. Paralysis from Analysis
    Fear of Change - common complaints:

    • Jamf management can be overwhelming.

    • Switching workflows is a really big deal.

    • Testing and getting approval takes too long.

    • We cant have an outage of any kind. ever.

    • “If it aint broke dont fix it.”

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  23. Paralysis from Analysis
    Break it down in to easy to handle pieces

    1. Identify each issue that can be solved separately

    2. Solve each piece individually in a dev environment

    3. Figure out how to bolt them together

    4. Move it over into UAT or Pre Production Server.

    5. Success. Profit?

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  24. Paralysis from Analysis
    Ideal Setup

    • Multiple Jamf test environments

    • VMs and Hypervisor are your best friends

    • Backups of Backups. Not Snapshots.

    • Do you really need Hot Spares?

    • Clean. Lean. Fighting Jamf Machine!

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  25. Your Server Setup
    Even Jamf Cloud Customer’s can have one.

    • On prem servers are easy when it’s a test environment

    • Sandbox for playing

    • Test / Dev for testing and building

    • UAT / Preproduction for real world sanity checks

    • Jamf tools to move from one to the other

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  26. Your Server Setup
    Do you even backup, Bro?

    • First, Have Backups

    • Snapshots are not backups and should not be trusted.

    • Backups of Backups.

    • Disaster recovery vs Hot spares

    • Clean. Lean. Fighting Jamf Machine!

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    Level Up your Upgrade Game
    Read the Red.
    Read every single
    piece of relevant

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  28. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Level Up your Upgrade Game
    Release Notes are
    your Friend.
    When in doubt…
    Ask jamf

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  29. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Level Up your Upgrade Game
    Beta Program.
    Get around it.
    How good?
    So Good.

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  30. Level Up your Upgrade Game
    Lessons We’ve Learned.

    • Clean. Lean. Fighting Jamf Machine!

    • Give yourself enough time.

    • Backup. Then, restore backup to your Dev Server.

    • Dry run the upgrade.

    • Check available drive space on all servers.

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  31. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Document the Documentation
    Write everything down and make it available.

    • It’s about more than Job Security

    • No Detail is too small

    • Imagine if you had to do it all again.

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    Document the Documentation
    Remember thy name!

    • Naming of everything is important.

    • Versioning of Package names

    • Consistency is key

    • Consider date, and creators name

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  33. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Document the Documentation
    Whats in a name?

    • It’s about more than Job Security

    • Versioning of Package names

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  34. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Imaging the Best Way
    You can still do it… doesn’t mean its right.

    • Out of box experience?

    • White glove treatment?

    • Network / Bandwidth concerns?

    • IT staff size?

    • Time? Speed, down time turnaround.

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    Square Peg in a Round Hole
    Never ever force it.

    • Mistakes happen, but don’t have to be public.

    • Someone else’s solution might not be right for you.

    • Don't make extra work for you or the users

    • Patching intervals aren't necessary

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  36. © JAMF Software, LLC
    TL;dr… cheat sheet
    Key Take-Aways

    • Mistakes compromise faith in the management framework.

    • Someone else’s solution might not be right for you.

    • Don't make extra work for you or the users.

    • Build a test server and use it.

    • Simple approach is best approach.

    • Document and Share Everything.

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    Q & A

    Open Discussion

    Time for you…

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    Thank you

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    Thank you for listening!
    Give us feedback by
    completing the 2-question
    session survey in the JNUC
    2019 app.
    Tailor Machine Setup for Both IT and Employees
    11:30 - 12:15 PM

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