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Avi Tzurel
February 28, 2012


Avi Tzurel

February 28, 2012


  1. 3 v  Plan a perfect trip in minutes, not days

    v  Never waste another vacation v  Personalized recommendations v  Get you to the right information faster Social Recommendations for Travel
  2. 6

  3. 7

  4. 8

  5. 12 v  Fully hosted on Amazon (All around the stack)

    v  About 50-100 instances running v  .5TB of cache in the cluster when warm v  2.5-10K operation per second on cache v  About 150K tasks in the workers daily v  Over 2TB of data stored in Redis v  AVG response time in search is 20ms (about 15million items in search) Architecture
  6. 13 v  Database has about 200G of data v  Some

    tables have 25G of index (Sharding needed soon) v  Full replication on master/slave with Round Robin algorithm between the servers v  Using a special version of octopus gem Architecture
  7. 14 v  Grew amazingly fast over the last year v 

    Scaled from 3 full stack engineers to around 7 (Engineering team is about 10 now) v  Split the team to Mobile/Site Growth
  8. 16 v  Big data – over 250MM users’ data v 

    Real-time updates from Facebook and Foursquare – matching to our POI DB v  Each page is personalized – scaling and performance v  Real-time notifications to clients v  Scoring system – personal score for each user / place Technical Challenges
  9. 20 v  CTO v  4 Full stack engineers v  3

    Front End Engineers 2 of them are also designers v  3 Mobile v  1 Chief Scientist v  1 Robot Engineering Team
  10. 21 v  Up until about 2 months ago, we were

    3 full stack engineers, only recruited after B round v  Most of what you see on Gogobot was done with a MUCH smaller team Not so long ago…
  11. 22 v  No junior engineers v  No power points between

    engineers v  Flat hierarchy in the company, no hierarchy in the engineering team v  Everyone can commit, anyone can deploy (even designers) Structure
  12. 26 v  1 Daily standup (10 minutes) v  One weekly

    planning meeting (plan only a week ahead) (1 hour) v  One all hands meeting (20-30 minutes) v  You do your shit, we get out of your way v  What do you need? v  Done! Work Methodology
  13. 27 v  Full TDD v  Rspec v  Jasmine to test

    JS v  Chrome Driver for integration testing v  Webkit headless on the CI v  NO QA v  No PSD v  No Mockups Work Methodology
  14. 28 v  No deadlines v  Work in weekly sprints v 

    If something comes in something comes out v  No one sits on top of your head v  Ship as fast and best you can v  Work when you want v  Work from home when you want Work Methodology
  15. 30 v  Full ownership on a bug or a feature,

    from end to front (in that order) v  Need designer? Have him in your pull request, but the feature is yours Work Methodology
  16. 31 v  Communication is async v  No meetings during the

    week v  No conversation between engineers that interrupt v  All work is being done inside a chat room. v  You can ask a question there, if someone can, you will get an answer, if not, move on, you’ll get an answer later Work Methodology
  17. 37 v  Don’t pull me out of the zone v 

    Work async v  No interruptions v  No meetings v  NO CODE REVIEW! (sec… wait) Advantages in the chat
  18. 38 v  No one pushes code to master v  Master

    is always deployable v  When you finish your work, you open a pull request and move on, don’t shout! v  Anyone can review any pull request v  Simple branch name + description for the branch v  Get ready to rumble…!!! Pull requests
  19. 41 Pull requests v  Advantages v  Async (did we mention

    the zone) v  Anyone can participate v  Full history (you can drop in a month later) v  Saves your ASS!! v  If you fuck up, it’s not only you J
  20. 42 Pull requests v  NOTHING IS URGENT BUT LOGIN /

    REGISTER BUGS v  You know this… v  Email: There’s a bug in the site… from the CEO v  You hack on it 2am, push it v  Production FAILS!
  21. 43 Branching v  KISSYSMF v  Feature/ v  Bug/ v  Hotfix/

    v  {username}/ v  From there to pull to master v  No deploy branch v  CI can test any branch
  22. 44 CI + Deploy v  CI can run any branch

    v  CI deploys v  CI on the big screen with the culprits
  23. 46 CI + Deploy v  Deploy 1-10 times a day

    v  Deploy every day v  Choose deploy often to see changes v  As small the change is the better, this way you can see real impact v  Twitter driven deployment v  Each deployment triggers QA for IE
  24. 47 CI + Deploy v  Deploy is done to all

    the servers on the LB’s at once v  No downtime on deploy v  Users are being switched over when the serves are ready to get them v  It’s probably complicated to deploy right?
  25. 50 Monitoring v  We monitor the shit out of everything

    v  Not only when something is down v  Statistics based monitoring v  How fast? v  How fast was yesterday? v  Number of items shared? v  Number of signups?
  26. 51 Monitoring v  We get emails + sms + phone

    calls when something happens v  if it can wait, tomorrow is fine