Make My Logo Bigger!

64078fceecf0d35885853e925c0d369a?s=47 Kirill Zubovsky
November 30, 2012

Make My Logo Bigger!

While working on, I noticed that in cases when clients and designers get upset at each other, often that is a direct result of them not understanding each other's goals. Clients want to showcase their businesses as best as they know, while designers want to create the most stunning and polished designs. Both parties are right. I want to illustrate this problem and the solution based on a problem that's familiar to many - "Make my logo bigger!" - a typical request from clients that upsets many designers.

I am giving a super-short version of this presentation at the 500Startups WarmGun conference. This is the extended version.


Kirill Zubovsky

November 30, 2012