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Make My Logo Bigger!

64078fceecf0d35885853e925c0d369a?s=47 Kirill Zubovsky
November 30, 2012

Make My Logo Bigger!

While working on Scoutzie.com, I noticed that in cases when clients and designers get upset at each other, often that is a direct result of them not understanding each other's goals. Clients want to showcase their businesses as best as they know, while designers want to create the most stunning and polished designs. Both parties are right. I want to illustrate this problem and the solution based on a problem that's familiar to many - "Make my logo bigger!" - a typical request from clients that upsets many designers.

I am giving a super-short version of this presentation at the 500Startups WarmGun conference. This is the extended version.


Kirill Zubovsky

November 30, 2012


  1. Hello.

  2. I have a theory. Care to entertain?

  3. Designers, Have you ever heard a client say this?

  4. Make my logo BIGGER

  5. Too many times?

  6. Client are not idiots. Why do they want bigger logos

  7. Because. Online is an extension of offline.

  8. Because conversions. In offline world, bigger = better.

  9. Want more buyers? Get a BIG street sign. Tell the

  10. But not online.

  11. Online, customers don’t know you, but they have a goal.

    You need to entertain the goal.
  12. What am I saying?

  13. Designers. Clients. You are both right.

  14. The logo is perfect. The design is not.

  15. Solution?

  16. Collaborate. Design for business needs.

  17. Designers. Ask questions.

  18. Clients. Trust your designer.

  19. Seriously. Let the designers be in charge of designing.

  20. Say why you want something. Not how.

  21. Designer is not a screwdriver.

  22. Put your egos aside. Focus on customers.

  23. Design for first user experience.

  24. Start by answering these questions: What is customer’s problem and

    how do I solve it?
  25. Follow up with. Why are they going to pick me?

  26. Now convert them. Tell your customer why they should use

    your product NOW.
  27. And the moral is?

  28. Forget about the logo and don’t take feedback at face

  29. Recognize the underlying problem. Solve it.

  30. Scoutzie Because Awesome.

  31. The end.