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KQ Partner Networking 31/03/15 - Aga Khan University

75f07db85e80df44e6b52e4f8a3e3caf?s=47 Knowledge Quarter
April 07, 2015

KQ Partner Networking 31/03/15 - Aga Khan University


Knowledge Quarter

April 07, 2015


  1. AGA KHAN UNIVERSITY Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations

  2. Establishment of ISMC • Part of the Aga Khan University

    (based in Karachi, Pakistan) . • Formally established in 2002 in Bedford Square. • First MA students recruited in 2006 • Move to current premises on Euston Road (shared with Institute of Ismaili Studies) in 2010. • Landmark development in King’s Cross goes live in 2018.
  3. Our offer Aga Khan University Institute for the Study of

    Muslim Civilisations two-year MA Programme: • Offers a distinctive way of understanding Muslim civilisations as they have evolved over time. • Aims to strengthen research and teaching about heritages of Muslim societies and examine the contemporary challenges they face. • Stresses the plurality and complexity of past and present Muslim cultures, studying them as part of world cultures.
  4. Our aims GOAL To strengthen research and teaching on the

    heritage of Muslim societies in all its historic diversity. OBJECTIVES Study systems of moral and ethical thought, structures of governance and public life and artistic and creative expressions in all forms. Create opportunities for interaction among academics and other professionals so as to deepen understanding of pressing issues of public life affecting Muslim societies.
  5. Our approach • Gives attention to the diversity of cultures

    where Muslims have a significant presence. • Studies Muslim civilisations within a framework of world cultures. • Situates religious ideas in their socio-historical contexts. • Explores ways in which Muslim heritage can be drawn upon to address fundamental challenges to the human condition today, including the issues of poverty and governance.
  6. 1. MA Programme • Introduction of new one-year MA programme,

    validated by a UK partner • Not a boiled down version of the two-year, but oriented towards a more general audience worldwide. 2. Short courses • Increase our offer of focused courses, offering in-depth examination of one topic (Law, music, gender etc) typically held over a weekend , often with partners. Recent partners have included the Law Society, Wallace Collection and SOAS. 3. Summer programme • Two-week course examining aspects of Muslim society in more depth • Audiences include those who work with Muslim communities and could usefully extend and deepen their understanding of relevant issues. 4. Strengthening our links with key organisations and individuals. Priorities for 2015 and beyond
  7. Building on partnerships • We will build on our existing

    partnerships and develop new links and relationships close to home and internationally. • Offer a wide range of courses that will contribute towards professionals’ understanding of Muslim cultures. • Build on our reputation as an expert voice on Muslim issues.