VelocityConf: Rendering Performance Case Studies

VelocityConf: Rendering Performance Case Studies

Jank-free rendering performance has been shown to positively affect user engagement and user experience in a number large sites, yet remains an area many developers are unaware of how to diagnose or optimize for.

To highlight how widespread rendering is a performance issue, we’re going to walk through case studies of Flickr, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter Bootstrap and more.

Learn about common paint issues in modern sites, caused by fixed-backgrounds, heavy CSS, doing too much in your onscroll handlers, compositing and more. We’ll also look at changes Pinterest made to get up to a 40% improvement in rendering times.

By the end if this session you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to use the performance profiling tools in Chrome DevTools to find and fix rendering issues in your own sites.

To learn more about rendering performance, checkout

Also, anything on Chrome rendering by Paul Lewis, Paul Irish and Jake Archibald is generally pretty reliable :)


Addy Osmani

November 13, 2013