Introduction to Ingress

A71d39d7553c4a35b81642af73c7061b?s=47 Chaowen Chang
November 11, 2014

Introduction to Ingress


Chaowen Chang

November 11, 2014


  1. ⽂文字 Introduction to Ingress Chaowen Chang - Nov 5, 2014

  2. What Is Ingress? Location-based Augmented Reality (AR)
 Massively Multiplayer Online

    Game (MMOG) Created by Niantic Labs, an internal Google startup.
  3. Intro Video:

  4. Setting The real planet earth is a battlefield and two

    factions, namely the Enlightenment and the Resistance, are fighting to take control of so-called portals. These Portals are only visible using the Ingress app (or website) and the competing factions are trying to capture them by placing virtual Resonators. Portals can usually be found near cultural landmarks such as memorials, churches or touristic spots. To interact with them you actually have to be close to them in person.
  5. Two Factions Enlightened Resistance

  6. Player Portal
 (Res) Link XM (Energy) Portal
 (Enl) Portal

  7. Weapons To destroy enemy’s resonators (portals)

  8. Resonators Hack to get resources

  9. Control Fields

  10. Goals Increase our own level by gaining exp. (AP) Maximize

    the score of own fraction Travel around the world! 
 (Encourage players to go for a walk) Make friends
  11. 「Why Google create this game?」

  12. None
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  14. So… just enjoy outdoor activities!

  15. Thanks for Listening!

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