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Taiwan (weird) Superstition

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April 19, 2019

Taiwan (weird) Superstition



April 19, 2019


  1. Introduction of BI tools 
 Cindy Liu ཱུ㚬ሷ

  2. Business Intelligence (BI) tools

  3. But… I have no confidence to introduce in Japanese…. So!!!

  4. Taiwan (weird) superstition
 The things that couldn’t do in Taiwan

  5. First culture shock when I came to JP ! Birthday

    cake can not cut directly half, because the birthday cake present perfect (round) ୆࿷Ͱ͸έʔΩΛΧοτ͢Δ࣌͸
 ൒෼·Ͱ੾Δͱ͍͏श׳͕͋Γ·͢ɻ ! The star has one cut from the middle, and the next birthday stat continues to cut and share the cake
  6. The umbrella ! Can not open it inside the house

    ! Used for collect the sprit in funeral ! the sound is like ࢄ, which means separated ! ͓௨໷ͰࠢΛूΊΔͱ͍͏ҙຯ߹ ͍ʹͳΓ·͢ɻ
 ‘’ࢄ‘’͸தࠃޠͰ͸཭ΕΔͱ͍͏ҙ ຯ߹͍ʹͳΓ·͢ɻ ! Also can not be a gift
  7. NG gift ! Clock, ৊ , give the clock =

    ૹ৊, the sound is similar with ૹऴ, which means end (of life) ! Shoes , especially for couple, have hidden meaning of “let you go” ! Solution : the receiver need to give you one dollar or some small money, present is not gift. 
 ղܾ๏ɿNT$1Ͱ΋ྑ͍ͷͰϓϨθ ϯτͱͯ͠Ͱ͸ͳ͘ߪೖ͢Δͱ͍ ͏ࣄͰղܾͰ͖·͢ɻ

  9. Don’t pick it!! Red envelope used to give the money

    for blessing, but also use for ້ࠗ, married with the person who pass away already. Inside would have that person’s (who pass away) hair, nail and money. Once you pick it, the relatives would come up from no where and said you need to marry with her / him. 
 ঁੑ͕ະࠗͷ··๢͘ͳΔͱɺಓ୺ʹҨ଒͕ߚแΛஔ͘ɻ௨ߦਓ͕ͦΕΛर͏ͱͦΕΛ؂ࢹ͍ͯͨ͠Ҩ଒͕ग़͖ͯͯɺࢮऀͱͷ݁ࠗΛ ڧཁ͞ΕΔɻ
  10. Superstition in IT ! This is not a snack (now)

    ! Every engineer has one , especially the person who own the machine. 
 ࣗ਎ͷϚγʔϯΛ͍࣋ͬͯΔ ΤϯδχΞ͸ಛʹ͜ͷ͓՛ࢠ ΛσεΫʹஔ͍͍ͯ·͢ɻ ! Green = smooth, green light ! ဃဃ = being nice
  11. Superstition in hospital ! No pineapple ! Pineapple = Ԣိ(Taiwanese)

    = growing & keep coming ! Which hospital doesn’t need to have this kind of “good luck” ! Can not have the souvenir with pineapple cake
  12. Superstition in life ! Cant not point to the moon

    ! (really traditional) ेೋࢧ is tiger can not join wedding and funeral which has look upon the Chinese fortune calendar
 ൸࿐ԅ΍͓௨໷ʹࢀՃͰ͖ͳ͍ɻ ! https://hinative.com/en-US/questions/ 12756367 ! https://hinative.com/en-US/questions/ 12756329 ! https://hinative.com/en-US/questions/ 12756296