Social Over-the-Top TV

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February 01, 2013

Social Over-the-Top TV


Lisa Derycke

February 01, 2013


  1. © Weepee New Media Ventures NV, 2013

  2. W r w ?

  3. Founded in 2004, Weepee was one of the first Internet

    Telephone Service Providers in Belgium. Weepee Telecom is a proven and licensed telecom operator with extensive experience in secure online services and transactional systems. Together with our channel resellers, we provide our clients with a wide spectrum of services, including: !   VoIP telephony !   Complex cloud hosting !   Network infrastructure !   Information security and fraud prevention Weepee New Media Ventures is an OTT (Over The Top) TV company founded in 2012 that provides a holistic approach to next generation TV distribution. Leveraging the OTT TV platform developed in the Weepee Research Lab and the unique multidisciplinary expertise of our team, we have built a comprehensive OTT service offering including: !   Ingest and transcoding !   Streaming and delivery !   Content mediation and distribution !   Security
  4. !   Voice operator since +7 years ! Fully licensed

    telecom operator in Belgium and the Netherlands ! Weepee operates from 3 data centers (Brussels/Antwerp/Amsterdam) ! With 10 Gb redundant fiber network and > 200 servers ! Serving +15.000 business customers
  5. Voice Weepee VoIP Many small packages of content voice High

    Quality & Secure sending over (lines of the competitors) European Transactions Fleurop-Interflora Many small packages of content transactions High Quality & Secure sending over (lines of the competitors) Video Weepee TV Many packages of content video High Quality & Secure sending over (lines of the competitors) internet internet internet
  6. Weepee is an expert in sending many small packages of

    content voice, video, transactions,… in a high quality and secure way over the internet
  7. Weepee is not a startup but using its actual VoIP

    and transaction infrastructure, operations and yearlong experience in sending content over the lines of the competitors, to expand into video
  8. Weepee streaming technology is developed in-house, based on open standards

    such as HLS, aimed at reaching a highly secure, high availability and high quality video experience. Not internet video quality to the primary screen but TV video quality to all devices.
  9. CEO CFO Deputy CEO Marketing Content & Development Operations &

    Technical Sales Andrew Turner (ex Telenet, Easynet, Altran Europe) Johan Camp (ex LRM, KBC Bank) Pascal Dormal (ex Numericable Group, Telenet) Marc Van Steyvoort (ex T-mobile, Microsoft, VT4, Alcatel,…) Pepijn Palmans - Operations Joeri Van Dooren - Technical Pierre Verbruggen (ex KPN) Andrew Turner
  10. B2C

  11. None
  12. A revolutionary way to watch television! 15 channels of your

    choice Internet connection Any device Anywhere
  13. B2B

  14. OTT delivery Premium video distribution Broadcaster services Digital Signage TV

  15. F

  16. Video joins music, applications and games using the app format

    as distribution format
  17. Video becomes live, catch-up, multi channel, on-demand, interactive & participative

    in 1 app
  18. From a 1 device and 1 operator distribution type to

    a multi device distribution globally.
  19. From ‘Limited operator Network’ driven to ‘Over-The-Top’

  20. Many new players moving forward : Content owners, Production Houses,

    Portals, Brands, Broadcasters and Community Leaders.
  21. Video will compete with many more types of content and

  22. 2013

  23. We with apps We to music with apps We games

    with apps
  24. A w r

  25. And TV in 2013?

  26. We watch TV and Video with apps !   Download

    1 time, instant view anywhere !   Under your brand and powered by Weepee TV
  27. The first global end-to-end whitelabel Over-The-Top TV & Video provider

    Plug&Play mode: Technology and optional content, rights, payment, social TV Management & App
  28. W w ?

  29. Enabling a wide range of sectors to become TV distributor

    incl. content
  30. Multi-distribution of video and TV content to Internet distributors &

    digital retail For content owners single in, multi out, with real-time stats
  31. Integrate Internet optimized & secure Video & TV in solution

    Production houses, ePublising, digital signage, apps, websites, games, hospitality,…
  32. Moving TV & Video global towards   !   Broadcasters,

    content owners & ePublishers !   Retail & large community owners !   ISP, MVNO, TelCo, Cable operators !   Brands, agencies & interactive TV providers !   B2B (digital signage, device manufacturers, business video narrowcast) !   Out-of-home hospitality, automotive, railway, airline, expats
  33. A &

  34. Interactive -social- TV

  35. !   Cross device !   Connected TV !  

    Tablets !   Smartphones !   Computers !   Integrated systems (ex. car) !   Public and private devices
  36. Realtime information on users Profile, viewing behaviour, geo tracking

  37. Not device or connection based TV, but a personal account

    with login
  38. Anytime Anywhere …

  39. … but able to be limited to geographical zones city,

    region, country or even certain users
  40. WeepeeTV modulair approach C r b O b Streaming Ingest

    Hosting Security Payment Content Collecting rights Viewing stats Interactive API Social TV Management App skinning Strategy & Go-to Market
  41. TV & V ff r

  42. !   Linear TV !   S-VOD

  43. Works on… …any device

  44. S in 1 minute S r whenever you like S

    whenever you like
  45. Where 1999 was the year of the first Mobile Virtual

    Network Operator (MVNO) and many more followed, is 2012 the year of the first Virtual Television Network Operator (VTNO) and many more will follow
  46. !   Enable multi-distribution of your content !   Enable

    your own distribution of your own content !   Become a TV or video distributor !   Integrate video in your webapps and sites B2C, B2B2C or B2B
  47. None
  48. WeePee New Media Ventures NV Wetenschapspark 1 8400 Oostende Belgium Andrew Turner (CEO) +32 3 369 7701 Marc Van Steyvoort (CCO & CSO) +49 160 922 911 05 S !
  49. Appendix on market info

  50. 46% of the people between 18 to 24 would prefer

    internet connectivity to owning an automobile Source: Gartner 2012
  51. Approximately 25% of the TV sets shipped globally in 2011were

    internet-connected, a figure forecasted to approach 70% of total TV shipments during 2016 Source: IMS 2012
  52. Source: Edison 2011

  53. Alternate ways consumers watch TV/Video Content Source: NPD Displaysearch 2012

  54. Source: GFK 2011

  55. Activity of multi-screeners Source: Pew Research Center 2012

  56. Tablet usage across 4 countries Source: Nielsen2012

  57. Weepee New Media Ventures NV Wetenschapspark 1 8400 Oostende Belgium Andrew Turner (CEO) +32 3 369 7701 Marc Van Steyvoort (CCO & CSO) +49 160 922 911 05 S ! Pierre Verbruggen (Sales) +32 59 36 37 03