Showcase WeepeeTV 2013

Af47e3e56d5ddca3d72957d43bba6974?s=47 Lisa Derycke
February 01, 2013

Showcase WeepeeTV 2013


Lisa Derycke

February 01, 2013


  1. Showcase Belgian OTT TV provider, launched in december 2012 WeepeeTV

  2. How does it work? Customers can log in on any

    device, no matter where they are. They have access to 15 channels. 5 of these are preset ones, 10 can be selected from over 20 channels. The 10 channels can be changed every day.
  3. How does it work? WeepeeTV has deals with the most

    popular Belgian channels and a few internationally renowed channels such as and All channels for WeepeeTV are ingested, transcoded and distributed via the Weepee Managed Cloud Media Platform. Various ingest methods are used (SDI ingest, satellite ingest, multicast / mpeg-ts ingest
  4. WeepeeTV offers support for VOD, both S-VOD and T-VOD S-VOD

    or Subscription VOD, means people subscribe to the content of certain content parties and pay a monthly forfait. T-VOD, or Transaction VOD, means people pay per use. S-VOD & T-VOD
  5. Social Media Integration Social Media has made watching TV a

    social event once again. People watch shows live so they can talk about them on social media and often start watching a particular show after social recommendation We have integrated Twitter in the platform. People can share their experiences from within WeepeeTV
  6. Registration The WeepeeTV platform includes registration and payment handling. There

    are various options and users can switch at any time. Users (pre-)pay a monthly, three monthly or annual subscription fee. There’s even a free trial!
  7. Distribution The content is distributed over the internet (Over-the-Top) to

    end-users. Distribution is controlled, end-to-end by Weepee. The managed Cloud Media Platform takes care of distribution, from ingest to delivery on the end user device
  8. The MCMP has extensive logging capabilities. When do users watch

    TV? what channels do they prefer? what programs do they watch? When do they switch channels? All this data can be mined and reported. It is the ultimate form of feedback. Logging & reporting
  9. Supported devices iphone & iPad Android phones and tablets Windows

    PC Apple PC Set top box Smart TV apps
  10. More Mail: info?